Just wanted to share my EP with you all

  • Hey everyone! I've released an EP on bandcamp that's "Pay what you want" - but all donations are going to the Sensori Collective, a community owned and curated space for music producers and beatmakers to teach eachother and learn their craft in San Diego. I hope to not only teach what I know there, but learn from other artists as well - since you have to empty your cup if you want to keep filling it :)

    I'd really appreciate you all checking it out, and any donations are a bonus. thanks for your time monome community!


  • whoa, what's this? i'm in san diego. checking out the music and collective thingy now.

  • glad you guys dig it!

    @ioflow - we should get together sometime! i'm out in little italy, don't have a car, but i've got car2go :)

    got a nice little studio setup here, hit me up and lets geek out!

  • sweet tunes... SD'er here too, South Park :)

  • Well I can't resist, I too, am in San Diego - mission hills specifically so we're all real close. Must say I've been making more maps than music lately but I do enjoy hanging out so kindly keep me abreast of your plans.

  • wow, i'm stoked to hear there are so many monome geeks in SD! we should definitely get together :)

    thanks for all the kind words everyone!