a couple new op1 tracks! feedback is welcome

  • waiting for the new op1 OS to drop I made these two tracks.



    hope u enjoy! thanks for listening :)

    1936 x 1936 - 1M
  • cool stuff dude reminds me of the artist copy a bit with the 8/16 bit style. you using a monome at all in these tracks?

  • thanks dude!

    sadly no, i had to sell my 64 a couple months ago.
    i miss it.
    might dive back in with a 128 tho, been looking out for em.
    but its been really nice not being tethered to the computer tho w/ the op1 i gotta say.

  • instead of starting a new thread. here is another one
    £'s & #'s // russian attractions // sébastien tellier remix

  • aye ringo!

    How funny, I haven't checked your new tracks listed above yet, but I really dig "the archaeologist" that you put out a while back. What's funny about it is that i never bookmarked or DL'd the tracks. Time passed then I went looking pretty hard for it a few times, but failed. I finally found it only a couple weeks ago, i was so happy :)

    Another funny side: It just happens that I recently put my 128 up for sale for the sole purpose of funding an OP-1. Here's the link:


    It just seems like the most cost effective thing for me to do right now. My iBookG4 is almost 7 or 8 years old, which only allows me to run some of the older max patches. So I decided to sell the 128 to greatly offset the cost of the OP-1, as opposed to invest $1000 for a refurbed macbook air. Sorry to hijack your thread, no more whispering it seems.

  • lol, all good blips! conversation is always welcomed :)

    glad u found the album!
    in case u hadn't seen, this is where all our releases are being housed (along with some other really dope artists releases!) now and in the future.

    love my op1! hope you enjoy it as well homie!
    lol i went thru a similar thing last year.
    was this close to pulling the trigger on an MBA.
    ultimately decided against it (saved me heaps of dough)
    and am much happier being more away from the computer now than ever before!
    and thats a good price for a 128...let me mull it over for a minute. i might jump on it.
    u got any pics u could show?

  • Hey dude, i updated the above link with lots of pics for you.

    I got to listen to the above tracks and feel that "yance" is pretty swank sounding. Nice work. Also, thanks for the link cause "6 minutes of tape" is trippy as hell! And Brainfart was the one I was talking about earlier that is so krunk and junk. I'ma def gonna check out what else there is.