any oizo fans out there?

  • just curious if there are any avid Mr. Oizo fans like myself out there. very unique and modular inspired music. plus he makes movies. weird ones.

  • the video for flatbeat always makes me laugh. Headbanging muppets ftw.

  • haha hes recently been releasing his albums for free on his website. this is by far my favorite track at the moment

  • cool stuff! i hadn't heard it before, thanks!

  • mr. oizo. yes.

  • yeses.

  • ... [: .... okay.. .

  • i liked the killing in the name of remix that used to get a lot of play...
    haven't heard much since though.

  • analog worms attack is pretty badass.

  • thanks!

    but grr....flash ;p

  • Lambs Anger is pretty good. Bruce Willis is dead.

    Also the Soundtrack of rubber with Gaspard Auge is good.

  • the soundtrack from rubber is exceptional! mr. oizo has been a favorite of mine for quite some time

  • yes rubber was good musically and from a cinematic standpoint as well. I just finished watching Wrong which is his most recent film. He collaborated with Tahiti Boy for the soundtrack. Lambs anger is a good album and is what people would say is his "most cohesive" after analog worms (although i dont think that term really applies in any way to the wazoo himself) Either way I would have to say Stade 2 is my favorite by far next to Unreleased Unfinished Unpleasant.

  • Love Oizo. Druide usually success at making me jiggle, but his HandBraekes project with Boys Noize is brilliant too, especially the track "The Qat". There was like a solid year when I just listened to only Oizo hahaha

  • oh no something ive never heard. commence internet search

  • I love wasting time on his website I also am in mad love with the song "Textes" from the Stade EP

  • haha yea he has those MPC button mashers. textes is definitely one of the better ones on stade 3. WC is good too

  • I really like Oizo, Analog worms attack is my favourite and Patrick122 on the Transexual EP is really good as well !