Four Tet live setup explanation including monome

  • loved it keeps it so simple and it's clearly cobbled together with gear he's had for ages. can't believe he still uses cool edit pro though ha ha.

  • Brilliantly reminded us that creativity trounces gizmos.
    thanks for posting!


  • ^THIS.

    I'm sure that we all realise that we don't need fancy gear to make brilliant music, and yet we keep on buying more machines, downloading more plugins, and spending more time on the internet drooling over gearpr0n.

  • I love four tet, but this is the most boring use of a monome.

  • Gold Panda blew me away last week with just an MPC, loop pedal, an electribe drum machine and an 808 clone into a mixer.

  • it's absolutely not boring though. he has a totally unique sound and his live shows are really great.

  • yeah - not to take anything away from Four Tet, he is one of my favorite producers and I think his live sets are great. But, if was doing the exact same thing on a Launchpad (which could easily be done) it probably wouldn't even be mentioned here.

  • @karokaze naw man i gotcha - i'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to incorporate my 128 into my ableton live set - and the sheer simplicity of four tet's setup kinda blew my mind.

    I was so focused on figuring out different ways to route audio, midi, what kind of effects to use, and designing presets for them - and this short vid served as a reminder that *it can all be SO simple*.

    I constantly remind myself - do i take the elevator or the stairs? they get me to the same place.

    given that - i still LOVE hacking away at max and finding new ways to screw with my computer and monome - but when you've got deliverables (releases, mixes, etc) then i'm finding you gotta be organized - and geeking out in max when ive got shows is definitely not organized!

  • @misk If you are running M4L and a 128 you should try out this sequencer I developed. I use it in my live sets and it is set up to sync well with ableton.[]=fourby

  • @jessemiller, that looks really cool, downloading now!

  • I guess that his simplicity speaks honestly about his approach to music.

    When I started playing my electronic music live (after years of being in rock bands and the electronic stuff being studio only) I found it very difficult to find an honest way of performing tracks that were created over months of tinkering with samplers and synths. In the end I fell back on loops and Ableton follow actions, because that is an honest reflection of part of my studio process to sequence tracks.

    When I see superslick performances like @edison's (all due respect to the button genius) I often think "What an awesome performance, but it's not an honest reflection of how the music is created". It's not an issue that it is unconnected from the studio process, but at the same time I respect Four Tet's approach as well.

  • interesting point. i agree with @karaokaze though as more and more edison's albums sound just like his live video jams (never seen him live).

    just a random observation / rant - (some) electronic music is becoming more and more obsessed with getting a looser feel / unquantised groove, adding field recordings and creating software that simulates the nonlinearities found in analogue equipment. conversely (some) musical styles revolving around people playing live instruments is becoming increasingly focused on aligning things to a grid, editing and auto-tuning to almost get rid of the natural groove and make it sound more like a machine.

    That’s it I have no conclusion or punchline. Insert your own.


    at the end of the day it's just making music that is important. the means, methods and gear are all irrelevant.

    Yes, that’ll do

  • @karaokaze Well maybe I'm wrong as to Edison's techniques for recording.

  • Thanks for sharing that !
    I love the way he uses his stuff, quite simple and musical, especially cool edit :D

  • yeah, i think thats what strikes people so directly about edisons music and his performances. It actually is generated by the button presses directly, as opposed to what effectively amounts to 'djing' loops and snippets together, as many electronic performances tend towards.

  • haha, the girl in the front was SO INTO everything he was doing.

  • @jhindsight - "electronic music is becoming more and more obsessed with getting a looser feel / unquantised groove, adding field recordings and creating software that simulates the nonlinearities found in analogue equipment."

    This same thing is happening with digital photography. The trend is to take your clean, sharp, contrasty digital images and "dirty them up" with filters and analog-style effects. Can't digital just be digital?

  • @antiphon funnily enough I took up photography a few years ago and started with film. Just bought the cheap plastic lomography cameras and used crap film and loved the character and the unknown element of what the shots would turn out like.

    I bought a dslr last week and just shoot raw and don't do much to them (maybe just correct the exposure if I got it wrong). I completely agree with you, I like the look of a nice clean digital image and don't see the point in degrading the image to make it look like film. I'll just use film if I want that.

  • Mind you the fetishization and inflated price of analogue gear is quite sickening. And the weight! My fender twin amp has been out of action for six months. Picked it up from the repair shop the other day and carried it to band practice and sweet jesus the thing weighs a fucktonne. I honestly thought to myself ‘note to self, look into a laptop – midi pedal – amp simulation setup’. Fuck vintage.

  • Maybe my question is stupid (indeed, without maybe), but I'm brand new Monome's user.
    The use of Monome to play clips is simply and clear, but how can I set up a sort of clip-sequencer like he did? (in Ableton)
    I really like how he "breaks" drum-loops and I would like to do so...

    EDIT: I'm so stupid. it's simply the ableton's follow. sh**

  • I happen to find it amusing how some people in here are totally focusing on what he's exactly doing with the monome. Listen to his music, isn't that all that matters in the end?

    It must be hell for you that he's actually just clicking all his samples together with the mouse in his productions..

    like kinetic monkey said, you don't need fancy stuff (or complex processes) to make awesome music.

    edit: deleted a stupid sentence. I sounded like an asshole and it actually didn't make very much sense after thinking about it again

  • as a creator of complicated monome software it's really refreshing to see somebody make awesome live improvised music with such a simple setup. i find myself leaning towards simpler setups the past year or 2, it looks like he's honed in on exactly the type of experience he wants to create and has found a way to do it without having to think much about what's going on--this is absolutely huge in terms of performance, in my opinion. so props.

  • "some people in here are totally focusing on what he's exactly doing with the monome"

    i, myself, didn't mean to come off as saying anything but that monome's are free to remain boring as long as the music they play is good :D ...and i couldn't even quite follow/focus on what he did with the monome, looping in ableton is too complex for me.
    "Fuck You, Fuck You, Fuck You, ...Four Tet's Cool, ...and Fuck You! I'm Out!"


  • @jessemiller that sequencer looks pretty cool. giving it a run through now

  • i'm shocked - this is a simple live setup?? it's gadgets all over the place!

    anyway, great video and great insights in this thread :)

  • lol, fair enough!! it is complicated in that sense, but i think each gadget seems to have a simple function, there isn't some sort of multi-layered approach here. each is its own instrument in a way, you just pick it up and play, you don't have to think. simple in that sense.

  • whoa...
    i just read through this..
    thanks dudes!

    man, for tet's first 3 records are the most genius things goddamn ever...
    audiomuch is a really serious tool too...

    a lot of folks ive talked to.... just can't wrap their heads around routing apps into apps into DAWs...
    they would NEVER do it...
    i think being monomers, that is difficult for us to understand...

    but, in the end.. you can't argue with inspiration...
    that shit is everywhere...

  • @jessemiller I'll look at yours if you look at mine ;)

  • So interesting to watch him put a beat together

  • Anyone know what that record player is?

  • wow he really manages to 'four tet' those samples up