Monome 64 Enclosure?

  • Hello! I'm slawww and I've been somewhat of a lurker here on the forums, poking around and taking in all the knowledge I can learn about this ingenious set of tools. I picked up a monome 64 w/o an enclosure at the tag sale earlier this year under the impression that i would easily fashion and enclosure for it locally. Well, after a few months of looking around, no one in my area is willing to make me one so i was wondering if anyone here on the forums had one laying around (highly doubtful i know, but i figure it doesn't hurt to try) or has access or knowledge of where i can have one made. I have something that gets me by at the moment but I'm desperate toput it in something that, to me, would make it look like a fixture instead of a miscellaneous grid of buttons. I live in the US, all responses are much appreciated. Thanks!