What's the new device?!?

  • On the other hand: if the thing has CV coming out of these jacks, and comes from monome, I am going to buy it regardless of what it looks like!

  • i'm absolutely sure the device will be a great piece of kit. No doubt about it.

    I'm simply not so sure the pic' is accurate, given the story of the "leak" and the design, that's all.

    And in the end, the important thing is what it does, not how it look.

    (but let's face it, my 128 looks absolutely fantastic!!)

  • ^awww, look @karaokaze gettin all cheesy and sentimental. i think he's gonna squirt some, that soft cuddly little crybaby. someone get him a tissue before his sissy tears start to cause his makeup to run.

  • It seems to be glass under the 4 big knobs. Mayby Led rings that acts like 4 lfo's you can patch with the jacks matrix ?

  • I hope the white's dry-erase. It'd be like an infinitely reconfigurable skin.
    I'd use mine to store phone numbers.

    okay, I was joking, but that would seriously appeal to me as a preset management approach.

    wow. I killed the discussion.

  • New device is clean, i actually enjoy the aesthetic.
    My only gripe is that I don't see any banana jacks :(

  • banana jacks would be great but that is just a hacked cable away

    I like how the device in question looks as well

  • If the device in question can make use of a controller like the monome it should be able to make use of the shbobo shnth more easily than something like the madrona labs soundplane I think. The soundplane requires a connection application to run while you can access the shnths sensors through [HI] in max/msp

  • I think Manta uses HI as well?

  • Also, there is something OP-1-ish going on there... I think the 4 knob layout plus screen plus white made me think about it. Just much fatter :-)

  • if this works with the shnth
    i'll do joyful backflips

  • @gli: thats a good point! You are right, its a collaboration and the buchla stuff AFAIK is not very minimalistic at all.

    What exactly is 0926?

  • "tehntehn
    september 10

    proper announcement soon, but we're (ezra, kelli, and i) will be presenting at the decibel festival in seattle thursday sept 26.

    we're moving the public announcement to that same day. it'll be helpful for us all to be together for last minute fixes etc.

    that is that!"

    0926 is the information delivery day

    getting my shnth on this morning inside of max/msp
    I'm getting ready for some video

  • ^sweet! @wednesdayayay would love to see some.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tigerhouserules/shnth-in-max-msp

    some sounds directly from the max patch
    I'm uploading a new video as we speak to hopefully clear a couple things up

    I worked on the patch this morning getting it ready for human consumption and making it more automated as far as setup goes

    My wife just got a DMX lighting setup I think i'd like to use the shnths gestures through max to midify them and then send them to the light board so as to control the brightness with the shnth

    I'm mostly interested in controlling other things like lights, effects, or some kind of sample playback engine with the shnth in max/msp rather than just making it do stuff you can more easily do in fish than in max (at least with my limited experience in max)

  • also I can not get this song out of my head

  • i was assuming that 0926 was when we'll be able to buy an aleph - tehn originally said that he would release specifications, video and purchase link on the same day - i was expecting an official notification on 0919 with details of payment mechanism and confirmation of purchase link date and time...have i got it wrong?

  • @wednesdayayay

    your video triggered this one in my head


  • ^^awesome song

  • @knecht

    I was a bit confused about this myself.
    Tehn did say that they will be using different payment service, so am not sure when/how the change will take place...
    At this point my understanding is that 26 is when it all shakes down: announcement AND sale. I think.

  • announcement this friday, but short on details. 26th we'll be posting full details, video, and payment links.

  • e x c i t i n g !

  • @tehn - sorry to be really dim but i presume the existence of a payment link means payment can be made, i.e. we will be able to buy an aleph on 26th? will this friday's post include details of the new payment mechanism?

  • geeked

    i can last till friday tho

  • friday comes sooner here in sweden than in the catskills! (so either i'll find out sooner than everyone else... or i guess later, damn!)

  • Curious what you'll be wearing when you make the announcement. please include footwear.

  • will there be a commemoratory portrait made of keli, brian and the aleph on the announcement day?

  • ok, throwing my (possibly divine or completely wrong) revelation/eureka moment into the mix, and forgive me if this has been suggested - this thread is way too long to read thru every post: it's a standalone, highly customizable monome interface. it runs max/msp patches and provides additional functionality via proprietary software and pots/buttons/etc., making it possible to ditch the laptop and utilize every bit of cpu power/ram/whatever for monome-related super-rockin'.

  • this http://synesthesiacorp.com/synapse
    this could be fun for some foot control?

  • those ports on the back, for foot pedals possibly?

  • patiently awaiting arrival of new friends...


    1936 x 2592 - 1M

  • I found the above song because one of your fine fellows
    I believe someone on this board pointed out the below song and I just fell in love

    I know it doesn't have to do with the device but we must distract ourelveselves

  • @wednesdayayay - your efforts are appreciated!

  • did you notice that randy from madrona labs is sharing the stage with brian and kelli...maybe he'll be doing a big reveal on his new physical modelling soft synth? maybe it runs on aleph? no, forget i even said that ;)

  • crap, if the soundplane works with the aleph I may not be selling it as all I ever wanted for the soundplane was to get some CV out of it without having to buy into a whole modular setup. Then I was directed towards ciat lonbarde (thanks to rodrigo and his amazing emulation monolase)and after much pondering I bought a plumbutter which gave me a nice contained unit for the soundplane to be used with.

    it's just money right

  • 4:00-6:30 – New Media Hardware platforms and communities with Brian Crabtree, Randy Jones and Peter Nyboer.

    Monome, Livid, Madrona Labs present thoughts on Open Platforms, DIY hardware and New Media interfaces.

  • i have a feeling that i will never be able to afford this thing unless i sell my monome

  • @iamgoldman that's just wrong. Can't be. You'll figure it out! :-)

  • Christmas already!?

  • *crickets and moonshine*

  • so, at what time is the announcement supposed to be made ?

  • I hope soon... I'm eating my nails and doing piles counting my little money ;)

  • damn you time zones! would be much better waiting if tehn lived in new zealand for example!