pages connection issues

  • Hi guys,

    I was helping a friend setup pages with his 64 since he was having issues.

    I double checked and all his drivers are up to date, including java, serialosc, ftdi, and Max.

    SerialOSC recognizes the device and allows connection. Test patch works fine for LED and button press.

    Pages opens with no problem and finds the monome via serialosc setup and allows me to add the device. (grid then flashes i assume to give visual connection feedback)

    it is at this point that the monome becomes useless. no LED or button press feedback. Any thoughts?

    (EDIT- Using Windows XP SP3)

  • Solved the connection issue although I am not seeing any LED feedback on the midi triggers page.

  • having trouble with midi triggers as well. working as expected, but if i change page and then go back to MT, all lights are off.

  • I assume it had something to do with my ableton midi preferances. although I did try as many different configurations as I could think of with no result. Also when switching to next page app works fine. I then switch back to the midi page andthe monome button presses become no responsive. To top it all off it caused my apc40 to stop working as well. I just had to downgrade back to monomeserial because serialosc was causing too many additional issues that I do not have the programming knowledge to fix. very dissappointed

  • very interesting issues here guys, i haven't seen them myself and can't really imagine what might be going on. i can try to do some testing and see if i can reproduce them.

  • reading my above post makes me aware that my grammar after just waking up is atrocious. Would very much appreciate it phortran, let me know if you need any hardware/setup data.