tehn - lacma081115 (live, with k.cain)

  • Have you ever had a listen to this performance???
    i had a listen to it last night and it made me so calm and peaceful.
    it's a wonderful sound installation.. really soulwashing

    thank you guys!

  • thanks for the kind words! it's also on soundcloud.


  • tehn,
    i really dig everything you guys are doing: your photos, videos and of course your music! you created a world in which it's just logical to have something like the monome in between. one can see that you guys love what you're doing and it's the most important thing...! your path is the right one ;D
    i don't want to sound foolish or too enthusiastic, but this is why i'm really inspired by everything you guys have created. and i'm proud to be a tiny part of this world :)