issue installing python modules.

  • i read the readme file and followed the basic instructions for installing via distulis but it seems my command prompt gives me this error: is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.

    Am trying to install simple OSC to begin basic communication from python to the monome.

    obviously my programming knowledge is lacking and I'm feeling in a little over my head, but I am dedicated to learning as much as I possibly can, so any advice on a good knowledge base for UDP connection related stuff would be much appreciated.

  • eh. i found some stuff. any advice would still be appreciated though. Thanks all.

  • i haven't tried simpleosc myself (it looks cool though)

    have you tried pymonome?

    looking at that or a pymonome program (like the recently mentioned clippy clippy) may be an easier way to get started.

  • yea i looked into it, but if i was just into ease of use i would just download a bunch of apps or buy a launchpad lol. Its more about wanting to learn the language and the process involved. I been doing some simple online python exercises so far to get me started and I just overall enjoy the whole mental puzzle aspect of the whole thing. So ill just keep digging and see what comes up, I'm probably trying to jump too far ahead than my current level of knowledge will allow me to go.