Grid/Arc : Controller App for Mono Sequencer (maxforlive)

  • This is a mod (in alpha) to stretta's maxforlive's 'Mono Sequencer' that adds monome/arc control. It's my first attempt at a legitimate 'app' and still very much in development but I'd like to share this for the main purpose of optimizing and improving upon what I already have, and of course..learning.

    It's developed for the 128 but should be pretty adaptable to other grids. It's all grid control at the moment as I just recently received my arc so there is no real functionality there yet beyond a basic serialosc connection. There's also intended TILT support that is not quite there yet.

    Anyway, I would like to open up some discussion as to what the best approach for further development from a maintenance, usability and performance standpoint. The further I go with it the more possibilities arise and so far, the results in terms of playability is pretty AWESOME.

    Will post video soon.

  • I'll definitely check this thing out this weekend. Love the thought behind it! I'll let you know.

  • wonderful!

  • love the idea. seems to work stable and without a problem. i'd really love to be able to finetune any parameter with the arc though... what do you think? respect for the work and keep it up!

    640 x 480 - 115K
  • Thanks! So far, I've removed the 'auto random' functionality and now the 7th row (buttons 1-5) function as focus.

    Once you're in a particular "Lane", I need to find a good way to select a few key parameters like Random Amount or maybe even pitch data.--the arc can then be used to manipulate. Any ideas or thoughts on arc control?

    I've also added Tilt functionality: Now you can choose any device in your live set and map a parameter to respond to the grid's tilt behavior.

    Lastly I've cleaned and abstracted out that pacth a bunch as well as left comments so I can encourage some community development on this thing. This sequencer is a BEAST and there's so many tasteful monome controls we can add :)

  • New version attached in original post.

  • Hello everybody,

    I am fan of monosequencer and I was very happy to find this cool patch to control this sequencer with a monome.
    Unfortunaly I play monome without monome on my android tab and with a virtual monome apps like Dawosc ( I recommand it, it's great) and using monoserial.
    Unfortunally because this patch is using serialosc...Pity for me, everybody understands why...
    My question is : Is there any dev can tweak this superb patch to use it with monoserial protocol or a way to tweak it by myself with m4l.
    Thanks in advance and congrats to emergencyofstate and stretta

  • @pol9

    I'd be happy to take a look and try to backport it to monomeserial. However, im curious about efforts to upgrade Dawosc to the new serialosc. Do you know anything about that?


    Have a new version, will post tonight.

  • that looks SWEET! I'm downloading now, will report back later!

  • It would be so cool...I mean for the backport, ...and for Dawosc also, a real potential. For the moment, its forum is very calm...

  • Sorry I lagged. New version up top.

  • I thought emulator folks were generally using "pages" as a workaround to bridge serialOSC apps w/ their MonomeSerial interface. Maybe I'm making that up.

    Worth looking into, though it won't support variable brightness. Not that your emulator would anyway.

  • I tried to wire all the entries found by emergencyofstate to monoserial.
    For the moment, I've only found to manage loop lanes and the function buttons like right, left, up, down and random...Do you think I miss something like notes or events feedback on the matrix? I see also the loop lanes on the matrix...
    Cool but a little bit frustating about edition of the events, so I decided to use all the potential of Dawosc layouts to display and edit all the events into separated layouts , one for pitch, one for octave and so on. Each one displays also the time curse and a gate the function buttons from Emergencyofstate's mod
    It's not really finished yet but I'm on the way.
    I'm not sure pages can really help me. I tried but in vain...

  • I'm glad you got started! feel free to share your patch and I'd be happy to point out whatever I can.

  • Another update!

    Added Mira control for multislider manipulation of Pitch, Velocity, Octave, Duration, Repeat + Controls (clock divisions, presets, random amount, more soon.)

    Guys, I'm just getting started with Max/Mira so this whole thing is going pretty slow but it's definitely coming along! I could really use some help in the preset/recalling lane data because as of right now, the monome grid & mira are just dealing with preset 1 for the most part.

    Anyway, if anybody could be so kind as to poke around, that'd be sweet. I'm very interested in making this better in any way

    Patch updated in first post.

  • @emergencyofstate thank you emergency i love this!

  • you're very welcome! currently trying to make it better.

  • Updated!

    1) Full Pattern (1-16) recall is finally implemented.
    2) You can now change the clock's division by pressing button 6 in the 7th row..the blinking one. This is probably temporary, because I may utilize additional buttons or the Arc for first selecting a divisions then you would press grid button once for that change to take effect.

    I'm also working on Pattern switching problem as well. Aaand trying to get a good paging solution for switching rows 1-6 to different modes (loops points, note entry, etc)

  • Super excited to try this but cant get it going, running serialosc and live 9.0.2, Its loaded in live but no visual feedback from the monome or any feedback to the device, anything I being retarted about..great work and hope to get going on it, exactly what ive been looking for , thanks again

  • Hi, if your monome is plugged in when you load the patch is should auto connect. Do you see your device listed in serialosc?

  • Hello,
    where has the link gone? cannot find it anymore...:(

  • clicking on the link in the fist post works well here...
    btw, this looks awesome !!

  • now it appears...probably a glitch in the browser...thank you

  • @emergencyofstate
    great work !!! The original mono sequencer was very powerful but lots of "mouse clicking". Now with the ability to control it with the monome it's pure fun.
    i love it.
    thank you

  • Thanks for the encouragement! I've been working on this thing for a long time and have learned so much along the way..its crazy.

    Anywayz, I've got some new functionality to post soon. I've added per-step editing for all of the sequencer lanes via the Grid/Arc. I just need to add a way for the grid to modify the step values so folks that don't own an arc can still manipulate.

  • @emergencyofstate
    Great app!!! I tested it yesterday and had a lot of fun!!

    Would it be possible to produce a 64 version?
    The sequence is easily adaptable but I miss some functionality.


  • @bassik

    It's definitely possible to adapt for the 64, but it will require some careful thought.

    I suppose the 7th control row is the biggest issue. Lane switching eats up the 1st 5 buttons which only leaves us 3 buttons. The 6th button is just LED feedback (that could be replaced with one of the functions below) The 7th button is currently Arc select although in my new version to be posted soon, it switches row 1-6 between step editing mode to loop mode. The 8th button may be unused in the current version posted above. (Soon to be posted version uses this button for Initializing focused lane data)

    The missing functionality is:

    Init Lane data
    Randomize Lane data
    Move Lane data Up
    Move Lane data Down
    Move Lane data Left
    Move Lane data Right

    Which 3 do you find the most important? It would actually be awesome if the buttons were somehow "map-able". I'll have to look into that.

  • nice job this is the first time I used a M4L device that just actually worked. way to go bro. thanks

  • Big Update! (file up top in orig post)

    I REALLY need to produce a video to effectively explain and demo the functionality but until I get a chance to do that..I'll leave some text instructions.

    I have added the ability to manipulate step data with the monome grid itself. An Arc is no longer required to edit step data, but still supported.

    First a note on some re-arranged controls on the 7th row. The far-right set of 5 buttons (11-16) now match up more accurately with the Mono Sequencer UI:

    [randomize] [move left] [move up] [move down] [move right] [initialize/clear]

    Button 7 (again on Row 7) is the Loop Edit/Step Edit toggle. This will toggle whichever lane is currently focused between Loop Edit and Step Edit modes. When you have toggled into Step Edit mode you will notice the particular lane switch to allow you to select steps 1-16. Likewise, when in Step Edit mode, the 'move up' and 'move down' buttons will now function to manipulate the step data up and down.

    I added a "lock" so if you try to switch lanes while in Step Edit mode for a particular lane, things wont go haywire. Still need to figure out a better way to handle this.

    Anyway, enjoy and let me know if you guys have any questions.

  • I do really enjoy the update !!! This is getting massive !!!
    I notice that the swing mess up the whole timing... I need that swing so badly :p

    2 suggestions :
    - what about a button press recorder you can lock and unlock in sync ?
    - And some sort of 'Kapture' fonctionality : you mess a pattern and you can go back to the original one with one press ?

    Again great job !

  • @i.morgendoerfer Yes -- I have noticed that swing messes things up, I'll try to see if I can fix. As for those other 2 suggestions, I'm not sure I understand. Can you describe in more detail?

  • Hi !
    the button press recorder would be like the one from Pages but for the loops length (but maybe hard to implement).
    and the 'kapture' fonctionality would allow you to edit the curentt pattern live and to be able to go back to its original state by pressing one button. This could be done by copying the actual pattern (let say pattern 1) to pattern 2. You mess with pattern 2 and then flip back to pattern 1.

    I don't know if this is more clear.

    And nice for the swing !

  • Sorry about this but I have to admit it, for all this time, I have been completely confused about monome max for live devices... for example, with this device I have the folder with all the maxpat files in it and there's the amxd file which I know is the actual max for live patch... but where do I actually put this stuff to get it to work in Live?
    (and if my frigging computer auto corrects 'monomer' to monomer one more time I'm going to scream (yes, I must change my preferences)

  • Save maxforlive devices within your 'Presets' folder. Once inside Presets, it depends if its an Instrument, Audio effect or midi effect. Mono Sequencer is a midi app (and i'm on a mac) so I would place my .amxd file or folder here:

    /Users/adama/Music/Ableton/User Library/Presets/MIDI Effects/Max MIDI Effects

  • Thanks emergencyofstate - so I would place the amxd file where you suggest, but where should the other associated maxpat files that go with this app go? Should I put them in the same place I put the amxd file? Leave all the files in the enclosing folder they came in? Sorry for being thick, but this is where my main confusion lives. I have placed amxd max for lives apps in the folders you suggested (midi or audio effects) in the past, but they usually come as one amxd file. It's all the extra monome maxpat stuff I never know what to do with, which is probably why I've never really gotten the hang of using monome max for live apps. :)

  • No problem. Yup just drop that whole 'Mono Sequencer - 128' folder inside the Max MIDI Effects directory

  • Aha! Thanks eos! Looking forward to playing with this baby.

  • Got it working and sort of finding out how to change things in the sequencer. My arc control seems to work fine for pitch & velocity (once I worked out how to advance the steps on my 128) but act screwy for octave, duration and repeat.
    Also, I have been toggling between the modes on the first five pads on the 7th row (with my 128 in horizontal mode) but this functionality seems to disappear at times. I really have no idea what I'm doing here ;) - is the second arc wheel meant to do anything? I figured the 1st wheel changes values (well it seems to, apart from the glitches I've reported re: octave, duration & repeat) *Note - I just saw your text instructions above - sorry I missed them earlier. When you say 1) Full Pattern (1-16) recall is finally implemented. what buttons on the 128 do this?
    Anyhow, thanks for the work you've put into this, it's very cool to be able to control the monsequencer with my 128. I'm looking forward to a tutorial/video/thang at some stage.

  • The process for individual step editing is:

    1. Switch lane focus to whatever you want to edit, velocity for example.
    2. Press the 7th button (to the right of the flashing clock indicator) to switch into individual step editing mode. You should see the row for Velocity fill with LEDs. Now you can press to select steps 1-16.
    3. You should be able to edit the values of each step with the first encoder of the Arc OR the UP/DOWN buttons on the 7th row (I believe it is button 13 & 14)

    I'll take a look at the weirdness for editing w/ the arc.

  • @emergencyofstate

    thanks for your reply
    I have to admit i missed it!!!

    So at the moment my main issue with a 64 is that I cannot edit the steps but I have not checked the last version.

    Anyway I reckon that the following are the most important functions:

    Init Lane data
    Randomize Lane data
    Switch between step edit and loop mode

    Also as I do not own a ARC, I can be selfish and say that I do not really need of that functionality...:)

    Maybe doing a non-arc version might be useful too?
    I wish I had the time to look into it myself.

    Thanks for any modification you might do.
    I will have sometime this weekend to look into it.


  • @emergencyofstate
    How are you?

    Just wondering if you have had the time to look at the monome 64 version

    Also I was trying to use this with pages but it does not seem to support the external application page.
    Any idea?

    Has anyone else tried to use this with pages?


  • @bassik - hey man, I am well. Hope things are good for you too.

    I've taken a looonggg break from working on this patch, I've been all aleph lately! However, I will absolutely make myself open this baby back up and try to re-aquaint myself soon. I'll also take a stab at using it with pages..

  • @emergencyofstate
    Thanks for your reply!!!

    I have managed to make it work with pages but I am still struggling with using the patch with a 64.
    I am not able to use the 7th button on the 7th row to switch between step edit and loop edit do not know why.

    Cannot see anything in the max patch either...maybe old version?


  • ok, will check it out hopefully this evening. the file up top in the original post should be the most up to date version,

  • Hello,
    checked the file up top and i still cannto find where the button 7 functions are.

    Hope you can find some time for this.


  • Ok. I have loaded this patch up and I'm ready to go!

    As far as can tell, with a 64, you should have access to the mode switch. (7th row, 7th button) I've attached a picture. When you press this button you should notice the LEDs switch in whichever lane you are currently focus on.

    I'll investigate within the patch to see if there's anything that would be stopping that particular button from working on a 64 grid...

    1280 x 960 - 716K
  • @emergencyofstate

    OK, I have checked the new version better and it does get the 7th row 7th button to work but I cannot modify the steps so it is not really useful...still a great m4l plug-in but no use with a 64 apart from modifying the loops point.

    I guess a version for a 64 would be more work as there aren't 2 buttons free to modify the steps.

    It would be useful to be able to modify it with the buttons 1-6 but there is still a missing one for a have a full 7 notes scale.

  • ok good. I was concerned there was a bigger problem of that button not working.

    I've already started shifting some things around for a 64 version. Getting rid of the blinking indicator frees up a spot so at the very least you would have UP and DOWN manipulation which is better than no control at all.

  • Great!
    Thanks @emergencyofstate
    Very appreciated.

    I believe that it is more important controlling up&down the steps than the blinking light control for the tempo division.

    can't wait to try!!