so i've made a patch that emulates the melodic functionality of the Push

  • only for my 128 really - and there's a ton more I'd like to do with it - but if people are interested i can upload it when it's done :)

  • Yep I wouldn't mind having a go with it on my 128

  • YES! please share! ;)

  • ill post an early version up - i just have to clean it up and figure out something i've always taken EXTREMELY for granted: how to make a midi note play for as long as you hold down a button and then send a note off when you release.

    I know how to do it, but it's not working up to my standards :P

    <3 soon guys!

  • note off - use a [zl rot 1] >> [sel 0] :)

  • @ootini i'll try that now! thanks for the suggestion :)

  • [zl rot] probably needs a number at the end. I'm guessing [zl rot 1] or [zl rot -1]? Otherwise, you're rotating zero places, and end up where you started.

    [zl rev] doesn't need the extra parameter. It just reverses the list.

    Instead of those, I usually route the input through the left input of a message box which says "$3" (so it passes through the third number, discarding the first two). I don't know if that's more efficient than zl or less, but it is easier for me to wrap my head around.

  • I'm sure I was reading the other day that message boxes and a few other objects (gate and if I think) always type check on the way out and so can be slightly more inefficient. Probably doesn't make a massive difference though.

  • Thanks GTZ ;)

    helper patches that showed some neat tricks about how to route button data and working with lights would be a great help to people.

    does such a thing exist already?

  • hey misk,

    did you post the patch somewhere? or do i have to be patient?


  • oh sorry man! it's right here:

    no live API support - but it's surprisingly expressive. I really need to work on a newer version, just to clean it up, and a better way to handle note-offs. as it stands now It has support for 6 voice polyphony, but if you get hanging notes, just hit 6 pads in the new key :P

    this was my first truly extensive max patch, so be nice - and pm me if you have any questions.

    sorry in advance for being left-handed :P

  • @karokaze i'd love to see what you think! it's a little hacky, if anyone has any further ideas, let me know and if there's enough interest, i'll keep developing this. I'd love to have an octave switch, but with all the scales I've got going on, i'm not sure how to go about it. for some reason adding or subtracting 12 to the midi note value after everything else is calculated resulted in strange gremlins.

  • make sure you don't feed or get them wet after midnight. I'll check it out. thanks