Community trade list question

  • Hi everyone,

    I set up the trade list:

    a while ago. It's got a good amount of use. There's this strange thing happening that an anonymous user keeps moving the title row 1 into the middle of the spreadsheet. Is there a reason someone is doing that; or is it some kind of bot thing?

    Also, feedback on whether it's a useful thing would be good.

  • aye sup ross, thanks for setting this up. my unit has only been up there one week, so i cannot comment on the usefulness. But i noticed i can double-click on anybody's field to edit it; which i never followed through with of course. is this normal behavior or perhaps something only i can do cause my machine and browser are super outdated?

    also, can you please explain the true/false field?

  • It is useful although i wasnt aware it was still being used. Ive added to it! Cheers.

  • @Blipsford - yes, anyone can edit; the power and responsibility belongs to us all!

    The True / False field - FALSE = not sold; TRUE = sold - it can be filtered on that...

  • @dean - how are you mate? you're trading down?