Monome Text Scroller in Max

  • Hi fellow monome addicts,

    I've written a text scroller patcher for Max that I wanted to share with everyone. I've been really into drawing things using my monome lately and when I saw the Twitter feed scroller in Python ( I knew I had to take a stab at emulating that. So using the font data from the Twitter scroller I wrote a Max patcher in Javascript.

    I originally tried generating my own font data, but it just wasn't as legible as the font used for the Twitter scroller. I tried to make it pretty straight forward to use for simple operations, however, there are some interesting features available which are not demoed in the attached patcher. For example, multiple text patchers can be run into one compositor to produce multiple independent simultaneous text scrollers. If anyone is interested in how to do that I can post an example.

    Please feel free to ask me questions or report bugs here. I hope you enjoy using it!

    PS. It was written using a 256, but should basically work for other sizes as well. Off the top of my head, the only thing that you might change would be for a 64 and that's just to change the parameter value 16 in the two example calls to 8.

  • I couldn't wait for someone to ask so here is a multi-scroller example patcher.