problem with zeroconf serialosc.maxpat

  • the new zeroconf serialosc.maxpat isn't working on my system. osx 10.8.4
    (found here-

    when i try to connect it says m128-527 and i get no response. i have a 256, not 128. any ideas?

  • i just confirmed this bug, must dig deeper now

    what are you using with zeroconf?

  • i use zeroconf for everything serialosc. pages doesnt work without it.

  • got it.

  • EDIT: file download removed — updated version available on wiki


    which apps (and what version) are you using? for some reason the argument is getting lost in the process.
    which max version?

    noticed that version on the wiki wasn't cleaned up properly before it was uploaded - maybe that was a problem? attached a fresh version below.

    this seems quite strange though as i believe there a number of people using the zeroconf version with no issues??

  • the version u just posted works, but it still says m128-527 when i connect. i tested with polygome 1.01 in max 5.1.9. i can still use the older zeroconfig serialosc.maxpat with no issues. (the one that was until recently distributed with most apps)

  • I too have issues, and started a thread about it. I wanted the new Mlrv to be used with pages so grabbed the new zero/conf. I now have no way of using pages. my previous pages config works with old serialosc but I cannot integrate the new Mlrv and just use it as a standalone until. I have to plug and unplug my monome for it to be recognised with new serialosc.

  • apologies for the frustrations — it's easy to miss things like this when you're managing 2 independent code bases. we should probably think more about how to make them internally more similar, or better yet just figure out how to make the new upd version create virtual devices...

    regarding the current situation though — what are the specific issues you are having with the .maxpat?

    @elquinto it seems like the version i posted above is functional but doesn't load your device-id properly (i'm going to guess m128-527 is my 128)? do you still see the '#1' or is this now replaced with the prefix name of the app?

    @fluxsta can you please try the version i posted 3 comments up and let me know if it works for you?

    regarding the plug and unplug, this is a symptom i always suffered when using the zeroconf based serialosc (one of the main reasons i was so happy not to need it). i'm reading your other post at the moment, but it's a little vague as to what the actual issue is for me

  • ok - i think i've fixed the issues. the device-id now loads properly and the prefix should load and update correctly as well. please let me know if there's anything at all that doesn't work properly — i've been thinking it was working perfectly all this time because i never heard otherwise (and don't use it personally)!

  • the prefix '#1' happened because i opened serialosc.maxpat in max (with no app) for that screenshot. sorry for the confusion. glad u fixed the issues!

  • @galapagoose
    Sorry mate, just read it back and my issues do seem confusing on a re-read. The unplugging issue still exists. I will download your version above once Telstra sort themselves out and get me ADSL at new address. Tethering phone is annoying :-)
    My main issue is trying to use pages and the Mlrv patch. For a start pages doesn't set up right. For the moment I am happy to use your Mlrv as a standalone without pages. But the unplugging issue persists. My arc always shows up but the 128 even though it flashes up computer boot up still needs to unplugged and reconnected regardless f which patch I am using.
    Anyway I waffle so will report back with your above posted version.

  • yeah please do — the file is only about 40kB if you're worried about tethering — hopefully this solves the problems where mlrv does't work properly with pages.

    as i said above — i've always had 'unplug replug' issues w the zeroconf version so i'm probably not the best person to determine whether this has fixed that.

  • Drawing a blank now, the serialosc connect box doesn't even show up? Don't know what I have done with my set up. Max 5 and old patches are fine. Gonna have to start from scratch and get Max 6 again. I am clearly missing something very simple, but i have messed something up. here is what I get in almost all apps:

  • the file that galapagoose posted is called serialosc-zc.maxpat, rename it to serialosc.maxpat

  • Roger that, just seen that I got two serialosc.maxpat in there. Too analog for my own good. Midi and external hardware I am good. Been monome owner for around three years and STILL struggle when new changes are made to things. Lots of things still baffle me. Will rename and see what happens. Most of the time I fix issues with a fresh reinstall of everything. Sounds sad but as far as my knowledge base goes that always seems like the easiest option! Ha ha
    Bloody helpful bunch here, always have been. Patience of saints

  • Up and running simple as renaming and deleting other serialosc maxpat. Pages is still a no go, will try again