New adventures in eurorack madness

  • Eurorack is great fun, its addictive and crazy fun.

    I decided to build a synth that is a sort of moving changing amorphous entity that changes as I add and remove modules' its upper half is devoted to synthesis and signal processing, the lower half is control and sequencing. I have a number of multifunction reprogrammable devices (SnazzyFX ArdCore, Expert Sleepers ES3, more to come) and a couple of oscillators and several filters.

    Meet the Cloptronic Pony Box Noise Maschine

    Recently added a OneString ribbon controller (designed originally by will Lindsay, the guy behind the Bliptronome) which I adapted and turned into the SleepyTime Derp-u-lator a 1U panel mounted USB controller that enables me to control software synths and other computer doodads at he same time as I am working on the noises the eurorack module is making.

    I still need a few extra bits, a CV quantizer for the pads and USB>MIDI>CV conversion (both ways)... But it looks I am back in the 'building stuff' game again.

    2592 x 1936 - 988K
    531 x 800 - 158K
    2592 x 1936 - 2M
    680 x 1024 - 282K
    2048 x 1359 - 894K
  • looks like fun!

  • It's forté at present is making squeaky noises and the sounds of balloons being rubbed.
    Yes more fun than I have a right to have, really.

  • yeah i can't get enough of my little eurorack. also new to the game, but for sheer immediate fun in playing and depth of timbre/results it can't be beat.

  • never travel by plane with this looks like a bomb ;D
    I'm just kidding... It really looks like a lot of fun! °____°