Végétophone : an installation by Chapelier Fou

  • Hi guys,
    just wanted to share a little video. This is an art/musical/pedagogical installation i made for an elementary school. Uses Max, Ableton live, midibox and arduino.

  • great work!
    not only the kids will enjoy this.

  • Thanks ! This is indeed a lot of fun. I realize this vid is not that much impressive, but i found myself playing with this during hours. It's quite expressive and provides a quite large choice of patterns and melodies. The number of combinations is huge.


  • i really like this. thanks for sharing.

  • raw awsumness

  • so cool. lucky kids

  • Wow...Génial!
    J'espère que les enseignants seront capables de gérer correctement un si beau projet :-)

  • Incredible! It would be amazing if you posted a follow up video of the kids interacting with it.

  • Yeah i hope someone will film the kids there, since i didn't have the time to do so. The thing is, it's quite far from where i live. Anyway, a kind of 'making of' is on its way. I've also been asked to work on a suitcase version and i'll probably go back there in september.

  • Awesome work chapelier fou :)

  • Making of (sort of) :

    Music made with the Végétophone.

  • Hey folks, Ableton asked me for an interview about the Végétophone, here it is, if yu are curious : https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/chapelier-fou-vegetophone-installation/

  • Absolutely charming!

  • Do you plan to sell the suitcase version ?

    I'm very interested

  • Well, i plan to sell a few units to places like libraries, music schools, schools. But it's far from ready and quite expensive i think.
    But i wouldn't mind sharing the liveset and everything so you can build your own. The only one existing right now is quite messy (but definitely working well) so it would deserve some patch cleaning and hardware improvements.
    The great thing about it is that you could always make your own sets of sounds and feed the music data base.

  • You should start a kickstarter campaign.

    A lot of people could be interested !