[OT] Cooking With Phil Anselmo

  • I love this, so hilarious, good to see Pantera with a sense of humor about their sound:

    "5 minutes on loooooowwwwww!!!!!"

  • haha, didnt know you're a metal head as well.
    btw: good to see you back here!

  • wy by the way: do you know metalocalypse?
    I f*ck*ng love that shi*t.

  • is he the racist one?

  • ....
    back from a quick research on the web....

    guess you're right or at least he is just not the brightest one and should better keep playing music and his mouth shut.

  • ah shit man i hope this guy isn't your hero

  • 'hero?'
    i have no heroes or gods.
    'if you meet buddha - kill him'
    or to quote manson: 'kill your gods'

    while researching i watched the same video.
    luckily i knew nothing of this in the first place or i wouldnt have listened to their music at all.

    actually this is an interesting point as i try to figure out how to treat music made by racists. I wont listen to racist music. but if you just listen to music, there's no way of telling if the writer is a racist without doing a background research.