probably movin' up to LA from SD

  • lol, i know you're all ALWAYS thinking about me, but i just thought i'd throw it out there that I'll probably be moving up to LA in the next few months, and I'd love to get to know the monome community up there!

    i think the monome community in san diego is... what guys, like 5 of us? ;) shoot me a pm or something if you're in LA or you know more about the LA meetups, at your convenience :)

  • There hasn't been a lot of meetup activity of late. (nothing since December, I don't think) Ray and Casey have been very busy with work, and the rest of us aren't organized.

    This could change, of course.

    The Ableton group is very active, if that's of interest to you.

  • ...and, speaking of the Ableton group, behold: an activity!

  • who are these other san diego-ites?!!

    i thought i was alllll aloooone :)

  • Sounds like you're about to be.

  • dude i thought i was all alone down here too! lol i've never seen another guy with a monome in SD - then i find out ioflow's here too!

    regardless, i'd be down for ableton shenanigans, and i just figured - hey, LA, theres a few folks in the entertainment industry up there... a few creative-types, right?

  • Wow I thought I was the only Monome user in SD as well. I take it there's not much of a scene for us Monome users down here huh?

  • There actually is; you just don't have anyone willing to step up and organize a meetup.

    Or at least, you didn't two years ago.

  • You have a point, I've actually taken classes under Erbe and Puckette at UCSD, It would be cool to set something up here.

  • I have a really nice space available here @ NAMM/Museum of Making Music. There's plenty of table space and a P.A. Gathering bigger meetups is tough..

    Hell, I'd even be content with meeting 1 fellow monomer cracking open some beers and our laptops and just hanging out. Anyway, if anybody is interested in getting together somtime in SD, just say the word!

  • im down! oh and for the record, yeah there are MANY dope electronic artists in SD, but most of them write "academic" music - and though it's interesting to me, it's not exactly something the masses are into.

    kinda like taking a bunch of friends to see joe satriani when you're the only one that plays guitar.

  • I'm in SD, and keen to the idea of a meet up! even if its just a few laptops & beers being cracked open, it would be nice to meet the local community. I moved here a couple of years back and have yet to meet a single other monome user, and very few electronic musicians. I know they're here though!