SerialOSC, Monomeserial, and TouchOSCs Oh my...

  • So after many headaches, epiphanies and frustrations. I've gotten everything figured out as far as Monomeserial and emulators.

    I've got the iOS apps Control OSC and TouchOSC working. (PrefixControl and TouchMonome)

    It works on any app that is written for Monomeserial, but of course not SerialOSC.

    My question, has anyone written a bridge of some sort to allow monomeserial control serialOSC apps? If not, is there a way for devices other than monome to talk to SerialOSC directly.

  • actually pages will do this, when you create a device in the app you can choose the monomeserial protocol or serialosc. the 'external application' page/app can also speak either protocol, so you can bridge both ways.

    basically you'd create a monomeserial device that lines up with touchosc ports and then create external app pages that connect to the apps.

    you could even bridge multiple devices running a mix of monomeserial/serialosc to multiple applications speaking a mix of monomeserial/serialosc protocols if you were truly insane.

    caveat: only works with zeroconf-style serialosc currently.

  • @Karaokaze
    I mean, I am open to any solutions. Where I am hitting a wall is getting a virtual emulated device (iOS) to play nice with the TouchOSC protocol. (My goal of course is to use apps that have only been written with TouchOSC in mind.)

    I come from a world TUIO based applications (which is based upon OSC) Multitouch interfaces, and the Nuigroup community. So learning how Max/MSP patches are structured, trying to understand how SerialOSC is setup (zeroconfig, bonjour, etc) it all makes some sense, but I'm still trying to make some sense of all of it.

    Also I'm still reading through that thread, but definitely liking where the discussion is going. Its nice to see the community get its wheels turning. Hopefully something will come of it.

    If I am interpreting you correctly, Is possible for me to run either Prefix control or TouchMonome (Both of which simulate a Serialmonome Device). Run pages and configure it in such a way that would allow for TouchOSC applications to interpret the messages from pages. (Which its pulling from Touchmonome or the Prefix control patch... egh redundancy.)