Control (iPhone application) - Monome emulation successes?

  • I have downloaded and installed the Control application on my 4S.

    There are two monome interfaces, one 64 and another for 128.

    Basically, I have no idea where to begin on how to even ASK for assistance because I am so perplexed. Newbie, I am.

    Has anyone actually gotten these emulator interfaces to actually work? They punch out info when I turn on "monitoring" in the Max window, however that is it. MIDI does not go to the monome apps or anything.

    The Max window looks like:
    /40h/press/0 0 2

    Or whatever.

    I have a real monome so ... maybe I should just try and figure that out instead.

    But Christ on a cracker, having TWO monome's, even if one is virtual, would be amazing and easier on my wallet.

    Help? Questions? I'm super lost here.

    Also, I have browsed the forums on various sites and STILL no avail.


  • Are you running Pages? I think you can just give that an external app w/ prefix "/40h".

    (essentially, it's communicating via the older monomeserial protocols, and isn't likely to be updated any time soon, but Pages can act as a bridge between that and your newer serialosc based applications)

  • Yes, sir! Pages is pretty great. I loved Imogen Heap's spin on it. She is the whole reason I bought one! Haha.


    Could you please elaborate on how I make this connection? Do I simply open up an "extapp" page and then set that to "/40h", or...?

    This is too advanced for me.

    As Liz Lemon says; blurg!

  • I don't know nearly enough to answer intelligently, but I think the instructions you're looking for are right here:
    (look for phortran's post, currently at the bottom of that thread)

  • Perfect! Just the thread I needed. I will delve into this right now. Thank you.