Recently chose as a finalist in OC's Best Producer Competition

  • Hi Everyone,

    Some of you may know me on here and know I have been struggling to get show bookings and such but I have finally made a breakthrough!!

    I was recently chosen as a finalist in OC's Ultimate Producer compeition and they are doing an open voting from now ultil July 14th to see who moves on to the next round.

    Seeing as how a monome is an integral part of my production and live show performances I would personally like to thank everyone on this forum for being able to help with with technical issues/random problems I have had and of course Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain for making this amazing device and community that allows us to be creative and inspire others to make amazing musical compositions.

    Here's a link to the song that was chosen as one of the top 10 finalists so Please listen and Be sure to vote for J Gunn as Orange County's Ultimate Producer for 2013

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!

  • Good news, must be stoked man! Nice job on the track.

  • actually karaokaze I feel the same way. The only reason that was the track I submitted was because they needed something unreleased within 2 hours and thats a track I just happened to have lying around and fit the style they were looking for (it was lying around mainly due to the organ stab parts as well)

    Thanks for the support though guys this is definitely a step forward and I'm stoked forsure!

  • I guess the voting doesn't work on any mobile devices (for some rediculous reason)

    But all you do is follow the link to the song and click the vote buton located below the waveform. and just select J Gunn.

    Appreciate the support!

  • Well done mate!
    Voted for a good cause even tho' I'm really not into that kind of bumpity-bumpity thang
    (but I can imagine that some spinning classes might actually find it inspirational!)



  • haha, i missed the vote-button-thing as well....

  • actually so did I haha. took me a few minutes to even figure out how to tell people to vote.

  • Ok i just voted, i forgot the first time.

  • thanks all for the support I appreciate it. voting ends the 14th of july. If i make it in the top 5 I will be playing a setlist at the yost in santa ana CA on the 19th.

    (yes the monome will be making an appearance of course)

    If any of you are local itd be nice to see some fellow monomers there. will post the show information up.

  • thanks for all your support guys. with your help I made it to the next round and will be playing at the yost this coming friday at 10PM. below is a link to all the show information and if any of you are local to the SOCAL area it would be nice to see some friendly neighboorhood monomers come out! thanks again!