serialosc is driving me crazy

  • So I finally found some time and space after a horrible moving experience to get hypnotised by my monome again. But, I've had one of those nights where nothing seems to go right, I'd updated max at some point and decided to finally abandon monomeserial. Nothing was working for a long time, only a few of my favourite patches were working, (I'm only trying to use updated versions which have serialosc next to their titles on the applications page), so I updated and re-installed everything (twice) and worked out some of the kinks, for a long time I missed the fact that my max folder was called 6.1 rather than 6, and then there was a space between max and 6. After noticing these little things and sorting them out, the apps which weren't working now are, and wow, every patch which was working with serialosc before updating everything is now not (the patch loads up all fine but where I should be able to find my monome and connect, there's just a blank box). I think it may have something to do with the inability to change prefixes in the gui on serialosc, but thats just a stab in the dark really. Before the updates of everything short of my os (10.6.8 btw) (serialosc, ftd, max, and more) the patches not working;
    Corners, Mabalhabla, Flin, Muon, Parc, Polygome, Xor, 64 fingers, 64 step.
    And, after the updates;
    Boing, Balron (really missing that one), Blinken Park, Mash 2.0 (noooooo), Press Cafe, Straw, and probably more.
    Sorry for the long post, I'm just trying to be thorough in explaining everything I've noticed. Some help would be greatly appreciated as I feel like I've just lost some of my favourite instruments. Thanks HN

  • tried this version of mash ?

    if it works, your problems might be the differences between the initial serialosc versions where each app had a serialosc.maxpat and the newer (1.2?) version where they all share a serialosc.maxpat in the cycling74 folder..

  • Thanks stevieraysean, love mash btw. I was sceptical, I was sure I had the latest mash from the applications section, but yes! it works. Im so happy to have mash back. Does this mean there's some way of me getting around the other apps not working? I can see a serialosc.maxpat in the folders of balron, boing etc but if I move these to the C74 folder it'll replace the version I have each time. Actually the version of serialosc.maxpat in my Max/patches folder recognises my monome when I run it alone, the versions in the folders of the patches that don't work, don't recognise it. It's all a bit of mystery to me, I suppose I don't fully understand how any of this is working at all. Things seemed much simpler in monomeserial. Any suggestions (especially on Balron) would be appreciated. Thanks again HN

  • hi HateNames

    a little while ago we collectively decided to streamline the 'serialosc.maxpat' and have a single version which resides inside your Max folder. this means that any updates can be easily applied etc.

    while we've made many efforts to update all of the apps to this new model, but you'll understand it's a pretty huge task! for now, here's a thread which gives a list of all patches confirmed working with this arrangement. many of the apps you mentioned are listed, but make sure you re-download the most recent version of those patches.

    hope this gets you back up and running, and let us know if there's any way to make this process easier..

  • Thanks galapagoose, as long as I've got MlrV, polygome and mash, I feel pretty lucky actually. I only really got my gs64 to run mlr, everything else is a massive bonus, the community here does such a great job. I'll go through and make sure I have the latest versions from the thread. And I wouldn't have the first clue about how to make any of the processes you guys work through any easier. I still find it all very mysterious. Thanks again for the kind help and hard work. HN