Music in Berlin

  • I finally got a trip to Berlin organised, I've wanted to visit for such a long time. I'm sure there are a good few Berliners out there in the monome community so I thought I'd ask where they like to go in the city to hang out and listen to music. Any suggestions for bars, galleries, venues etc which I wouldn't find in a guidebook would be great. Danke HN

  • Berlin is a monster when it comes to events, but a "Beatguide" came out recently and does a pretty good job naming the most important, interesting, smaller events for electronic music, mainly 4/4, in Berlin. You will get to know the rest when you are here, there are many, many more to discover.

    Check Friedrichshain > "Boxhagener Stra├če" area and Prenzlauer Berg > "Kastanienallee" area for the most inviting places when it comes to sit outside, meet nice people, record shops, good food, art, etc., etc., ... they are a very good starting point and will probably keep you busy for a while..., also area Kreuzberg, Mitte.

    There is a nice youth hostel down at Weinbergsweg 1a, close to Kastanienallee:

    Enjoy Berlin!!
    How long will you be here?

    Gern geschehn!

  • Hi Markus, I'm in Berlin for a week. Thanks for all the advice, beatguide looks great, how did I miss that one, I'm sure it'll come in handy back in London too. Only a few day to go now, can't wait to get there. Thanks again. HN