alright, think i might need some new pads for my 128 gs

  • Hey everyone, (especially Tehn)

    button 2,5 isn't working on my GS 128 all of the sudden. I'll probably take it apart and check the pad contact - but I'm hoping it just needs new pads; if not please let me know if I need to send it in or something. I am sad - so I want to get this sorted asap :(

    thanks in advance!

  • Took that badboy apart, cleaned all the contacts on the pcb with 91% rubbing alcohol, and gently sanded the contacts of the buttons with fine-grit sandpaper. put it back together, baby-powdered it up, cleaned it off, and it's working great!

    had a scare there for a minute. I'll probably still email tehn about some replacement pads, just to have a back-up set. thanks to visinin on the irc channel for the suggestions :)

  • we need to update our wiki entry on this topic. glad it worked out.

  • its working, except for a few pads - i'll email you about new pads soon - I'd like to have some back up pads for reasons just like this.