SOLD : ARC 4 June 2013

  • Reluctantely selling my recently purchased ARC4 It's awesome - It's mint - it's barely used. Just finding myself in a situation where I need the money.

    ARC 4 is in AUSTRALIA - Melbourne

    PM me if interested

  • Oh man! I just bought some near field monitors from Awave, otherwise I would be sooooooo interested in this!

  • BUMP
    I really ned to sell this so price drop: 650$

  • BUMP & Price drop 600$

    200$ off!!

  • wow, I remember a time where Monome stock would last 5 minutes after they were put online! Is the market saturated with monomes? or is the Arc harder to sell? 200$ discount and no one seems interested in a brand new Arc4! unreal!!!!!

  • the fact that you can buy a new model directly from monome right now probably doesn't help you. on the positive side — everybody once complained about production never meeting demand, so it's great to see the model has reached a point where it can keep up finally!

    dare i say 2nd hand prices will stay lower at least until the appropriate model is out of stock from monome directly.

  • Hey galapagoose! I saw you a while ago in a bar on Smith street and that was rad! But I kinda disagree with you, maybe this is specific to the Arc but 200$ off an untouched brand new one from the last batch without attracting anybody cannot be a good sign of the demand being solid or even there at all! And I can't help but notice that it takes so much longer for the stock to sell! I think the focus should be on creating kick ass apps and porting the old ones to be compatible with the new serialosc, because a lot of the apps are not working because of this and for ppl like me that don't have time to fuck around with max that's a bit of a downer.

    Anyways the offer's still there gents 600$!