So I got my Leap Motion...

  • arrived exactly on the 22nd and I waited all day for the actual airspace site to launch so I could download the software to use it... Finally at around 01:30 in the wee small hours of the 23rd it was Leap Motion(s) are GO! (at least for those of us who didn't get the developer kits before hand like GTZ et al ;))
    So, it's pretty awesome as far as I can make out, in the few sleep deprived hours I have spent with it. It will take a bit of time getting used to it, and there is so much potential for a lot of new apps to be developed so it's like watch this space...
    So far apart from mucking around with the fun, but less practical applications, I have been impressed by the Geco midi controller, having mapped it to a few parameters in Ableton Live so far, will check it out with my hardware synths tomorrow. I think a combination of the Leap and monome +/- Push or keyboard etc with different sound generation options be they hardware or software will be very interesting.
    Speaking of monome in reference to the Leap however... Is there anything I am missing that I should be looking at using the Leap with? My first thoughts were mapping (with Geco) to TPV, but as far as other apps, I do have Max 4 Live, is there anything I could do with that and the Leap? Is there already stuff out in the Max universe to look at as far as this new interface is concerned?
    Sorry for these vague-ish questions - I've been (as mentioned) sleep deprived, compounded by the fact that I am coming down from a stint of nightshift (which is pretty much akin to bad jetlag)

  • hmm I wonder if set up in tandem the leap motion could give the monome a theremin like modulation source/(possibly) velocity indicator. What I mean is that having a 3d space above the monome to manipulate without fingers on the buttons (as well as in tandem perhaps) and potentially (not sure of the leap motions true capabilities) being able to derive some sort of velocity from the data the movement of your hands.

    just a couple quick ideas good luck!

  • Hmmm... been looking at the Leap since it first surfaced on KS.

    I'd say try it out with Dharma Wheels and Grainstorm...!!

    Cheers and congrats for the score!


  • maybe you can be interested by this work:

  • i'm mega excited to receive my pre-order. the evolution of this utility will be wild.

  • Yup yup. Quite excited here too.

  • Mine has come today!. As small, fast and responsive like in the vĂ­deos.
    Soon will be feeding some midi into ableton live!!

  • Thanks all... I have not dipped my toes in the Max waters yet, but keep feeling I should (if I ever get the time), otherwise what's the point of me having max for live, lol.
    @ jiparis - yes, I like it for this, I'm still getting used to Geco - I think more getting used to the proper placement of my hands and gestures etc... but it IS cool. I have downloaded air midi as well to check out its capabilities, but haven't had time yet. There is another midi app Aeromidi - but is $100 U.S. - way too expensive for me, especially considering Leap's a new platform. They do have a trial to be fair, but at that price point, I'm not even going there...

  • anticipation is really getting to me. "F3d3x SmartP0st" --- now telling me +1-2 additional days. what is going on with that $100 MIDI app feature-wise?

  • Adding velocity to monome through Leap is a challenge, to say the least. That was one of the first ideas I gave up on.

    You can use one hand to modulate your monome signal a few inches above it, but if you bend your fingers too far or actually touch the grid, the API discards those fingers as bad data and you receive nothing.

    There's a lot of gestures which won't work as we'd like them to, but still endless potential within what behaves predictably.

    (don't ever depend on individual fingers. look instead at angle and position of the user's palm, And the overall size of their hand. That'll give you a fairly reliable open/close gesture, as well as move and rotate ones on every axis)

    Additionally, the aka.leapmotion max external needs a serious rewrite. It was built before Leap added security measures to limit access to background apps (wherein if your app loses focus, it stops receiving data). There are workarounds for this, but I'm nearly positive the max external doesn't employ them, as it hasn't been updated in a long-ass time...

  • I'm picturing a total 'above the monome' kind of setup where you can button mash AND leap at the same time, just harvesting some of that data for other purposes, or fine tuning parameters etc..

  • received a unit. am now waving around all confused. this is going to take a bit.

  • Heh.

    Mine actually is working without the focus problems mentioned earlier. I guess aka.leapmotion is solid for the time being.

    It is, however, still missing a bunch of the newer gestures that Leap now supports...

  • I imagine he's waiting for it to be out out, as I think it's already changed drastically a couple of times.

  • I dropped development with the leap motion a while back due to being busy, looking forward to seeing the changes!

  • @Rodrigo,

    Makes sense.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see the external still works at all...

    (he doesn't owe us anything. but it would be mighty nice if Leap hired someone to maintain this, among their other development libraries)

  • On the leap band wagon. Looking forward to receiving in the mail......

  • Got to try one out yesterday, seemed to be quite the cpu hog with an macbook pro i7 16gbRam tolling in at 30% CPU usage

  • I wrote this Max4Live-patch to control any parameter within Ableton Live with the leap (based on the aka.leapmotion), its workes like the d-beam from Roland.....
    free download:

  • First post here for like 2 years...

    Yeh the Leap is very nice device, i got a dev board one so mine is not as refined as the commercially available one. TBH i think for music making its a little limiting (although my friend Aliceffekt used one nicely) i think for visuals into the mix or just for FX it could be quite handy when your hands are flying over mlr button bashing to do a quick swipe etc for some filtering if you dont like having adxl330 gaffered to your hands.....

    Havent tested mine in a sonic/visual live environment as yet. Must do that sometime.

  • here 2 of the ways i use it...;-)

  • Thanks Karaokaze, we hope to devellop more patches with this crazy tool!
    the module support also gestures, so it's open many doors, there also a feature to draw a circle (clockwise or inverse), so you can control knobs or more ;-)

  • @nay-seven
    What is this patch and do you have copies of it? Looks amazing dude :-)

  • Thanks, a team work..
    This 2 patches will be included in the next Usine Hollyhock version (we hope this week) , with the Leap Motion module and other goodies like a serial port ( Arduino and friends) and wiimote.. ;-)

  • i tried playing drums and percussion stuff with it, and it's a disaster.... ^^" the accuracy is unbearable, and after a few "hits" the whole thing just started to mess up.

    yet it's fun playing pads, or playing with LFO, cutoff, notes gliding and stuff. if timing is not important, of course.

  • Don't know how you test , but in Usine there's some modules to quantize data's so this help a lot , same for the piano part where i force the midi scale and root note. Anyway, it's more a creative tool , there's no reason to try emulating a real keyboard ;-)

  • it's not the "timing", but the more basic thing that bothers me.

    say i make three hits, and i'd expect three hits, instead of one, or six. but that's what's happening to some of the apps like air beat.

    i love the creative part of it. i just hope the basic performance is more reliable. :p

  • ok, i understand,
    the real difference between usine patches with appz from the airspace is you have access to all parameters of the patch, so you can tweak it to suit your needs.

    I've made a quick test , changing the scale to note 36 to 48 and add a reaktor drum after the piano patch you have see on the video, works fine, need of course some practice on the horizontal axis to hit the good note sometimes, specially in the middle range , but if i hit 3 time , I've 3 notes... ;-)

    I will share the patch if you're interested.