MCRP XV - In Memoriam VGAForest Edition

  • Hello, i's thinking of trying to organize the next MCRP.
    (For any new folks: Monome Community Remix Project... anyone can participate.. we all get together, submit samples based on a theme, and then create tracks from that pool of samples, which then get posted somewhere online as an MCRP album...)

    How would everyone feel about an MCRP where we all remix vgaforest's music:

    i just remembered him suddenly today. and then went to his soundcloud page. and thought it'd be really fun, since his music is quite unique and creative.

    how's everyone feel about this idea?

    i didn't really know him(not sure if it's entirely appropriate for me to organize this, please let me know if not). but i just had an instinct...

    (if i did organize this, i would still wait a couple months to let the recent MCRP XIV get on the bandcamp first, etc.... plus, some discussion and thought would be appropriate before starting...)

    let me know what you all think.

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    DEADLINE: NOVEMBER 1st, 2013

  • i like the idea. this mcrp could be a beautiful tribute.

  • i think it's a wonderful thought, i'd be in for sure. i agree that the submission phase most likely isn't necessary.

  • +1 good idea, i'm in.

  • i'm in, let's do that.

  • oh, yes, lets! Only met michael the once, on the monome tour in edmonton, but he seemed a really quality fellow.

    Noiseflowr and Darkseeker both knew him more directly, might have some contact...

  • I'm interested as long as you want me @karaokaze hehe.

  • So this is more a tribute to this guys music rather than submission phase driven? As in we can take as much time to respect the project as possible @karaokaze

  • Well I never met the guy, but I'd love to be a part of this because it's the kind of thing that I'd like to have happen to my music when my time is up, even if it is from strangers.

    Count me in!

  • Me too please.

  • i'd like to be involved

  • Geez it's been a loooong time since I was on the forums here! It's sounds like a good idea, I'm in as well. Just heard from Darkseeker (although I don't know if he goes by that anymore) that he asked the family and they gave their blessing and are interested to hear what comes of it.

  • Given that the time frame for finishing one's track is extended beyond the usual three week crunch, I *should* be able to complete my track by the deadline for a change.

  • why such a long deadline? 1-2 months sounds a bit more reasonable to me.

  • Honestly, I'd just put it off until the last few days anyway, so a shorter deadline is fine with me.

    I used to say that the one thing college taught me was how to procrastinate, and that's true, but lately I've been going past procrastination into the realm of "it just never gets finished."

    And as far as crushing my lineage goes, there isn't any lineage to crush, I'm afraid. And since my only sibling is also childless, you'll just have to watch this branch of the family tree wither and die with the rest of the clan. So there.

  • @karaokaze I dont mind a deadline, I am just super busy with school (music school, so when I get home from class, working on music isnt the first release, cause ive already been doing that all day) and cant promise an amazing song if I don't have enough free time to put into it. I am super excited for this project and am expecting this to work well with my style and to also push me as a musician cause I will be doing everything on the monome.. may try to make a video of me in the process of this project..

    Really excited you initiated this @karaokaze thank you! But deadline or no deadline you wont hear complaints from me, id rather have more time than less, but it wont affect my participation.

    Again thank you for the planning and coordinating

  • Look forward to seeing everybody's contributions!

  • Just a reminder, participants and suggestions still welcome.

    Participant list will close and MCRP will begin August 20th.

  • I'm in too, bitch.

  • I'll give it a go as well.

  • What are the rules for this MCRP? Only use samples from the VGA Forest material? No synths or percussion samples, etc...? I just started going to town on this and realized I may be going completely in the wrong direction.

  • I really like this wonderful idea, and I'd like to be in, too.
    I had a few ideas about this MCRP which I want to share to see what you guys think of it:
    A) What about releasing this tribute as a special edition MCRP (like there were some in the past) and keeping this Tribute MCRP out of the sequential MCRP order?
    B) What about adding a voluntary donation option to a health care organisation beside the free download for this release. Maybe everything which gets paid above 0€ on bandcamp gets donated....not much maybe, but good will counts.
    C) Any ideas about artwork already. Just stumbled over the pixel works of this great artist last week:
    D) "What are the rules for this MCRP? Only use samples from the VGA Forest material? No synths or percussion samples, etc...? I just started going to town on this and realized I may be going completely in the wrong direction."
    - I've also been thinking about this, and I'm really interested what all others think on this.
    Maybe we'd be able to create an even more worthy tribute with slightly adjusted rules for this?!
    ......just thinking......

  • Karaokrazy, having a two month donation period and then setting it free on the MCRP page sounds like a great idea - I can email you the password if you want it, quite a lot of us have access.

  • @karaokaze ahh im so glad so many people are participating! Im starting my tribute today ;-)

  • Hey,

    sorry for responding day job is a nightmare atm.
    I really like that idea about hosting on for 2 months.

    "next question regarding this: what charity do you all vote we give to? (any charity would be fine with me but perhaps one that deals with leukemia in young people would be best? or do you all want to give to his family? i'm not sure which would be better... probably just a regular charity, as i keep thinking that i don't want this mcrp to bring up the past too much for them... but i'm not sure...)"
    - From my point of view a charity that deals with leukemia woud be best.

    "also, regarding artwork, i think i might have an idea how i might manipulate that photo of him... so give me some time and i'll submit it here when its done for everyone to approve or not."
    - Looking forward to this. Btw I like that renegadeligts//supercollider artwork.

    "his material has beats and synths, and ideally, to make it a tribute to his music, it would be great if you could just use that, as that is the sample collection // when many people use samples combined with their own work, it doesn't often sound as much a tribute to the original artist as it does more a way to see how samples can be used to highlight the remixer's compositional drive"
    - Agreed.

    "The deadline will be November 1st, 2013."
    - There was some discussion about this. Is November 1st, 2013 fix now?

    Happy remixing!
    Greetings from Cologne/Germany

  • yessir, thank you sir, starting work now sir. ;D

  • On it like a car bonnet

  • I should be done with my entry very soon!

  • i'm mostly done too!! :) i did just start yesterday though, truth be told...

  • i have been monomeless for a while but i'm 'back in the game'. let's rock this mother.