Care Question: Faceplate Feels Rough

  • hey,

    got my gs128 from second hand now and the faceplate feels kinda rough..
    i'd almost say that the oxide layer broke!?
    is there a way to make it as smooth as my gs64 again?

    thanks in advance : )

  • that's surprising. tried cleaning with alcohol? any grit on there? send a photo to

  • hey tehn!
    thanks for the answer!

    after i'd opened this thread i realised that i got dirty fingers when i rub the "broke" spots firmly. i disassembled the gs128, took off the faceplate and cleaned it with water, degreaser, and a's better and smoother now! actually as good as my gs64 faceplate again^^
    it was just a strange kind of dirt, which i've never experienced before.. you think alcohol would help? isopropyl?

    btw: you wouldn't have seen it on a photo. you'd to feel it : )

    thanks once more

  • isopropyl will degrease pretty well.

    sounds like that 128 was well used!

  • it's working perfectly! ; )
    i don't think it was used a lot.. the silicon enclosure looks very unused, also the pads do... maybe it was just stored wrong..