could someone make me a patch?

  • hey guys, haven't been here in a while. i need a (what i believe to be) pretty basic patch. being that i have no max knowledge i was hoping somebody can help me out. i recognize that there are apps that do things very similar to this, but it is for a pretty specific project. i attached a picture of what i'd like it to do, but let me elaborate:

    the 2 middle columns i would like to stay lit constantly. the left and right columns, 7 buttons down, i would like to act as faders from 0-127. and the left and right rows of buttons i need to be 3 toggle buttons that do not have anything to do with the faders. obviously would need the buttons and faders to send midi cc's, but the lit columns in the middle would just act as separators.

    is this as basic as i think? anyone up for it? thanks in advance!

    1600 x 1195 - 750K
  • "insanity" will do this for you. set it up once, then save as default, voila!

  • i can have a button and faders in the same column?

  • and now for some reason insanity will not recognize my monome..

  • Ummmmmm..... this is pretty easy. I can't confirm if Insanity does this.... and I would love to do it for you, but just got back from another country and don't have MaxMSP installed yet.... if someone doesn't do it today I can do it tomorrow bright and early for ya.

  • thanks so much man!

  • ALrighty..... so I realized I still have Max on an old hard drive and started looking at it.

    Insanity can make the columns of faders, the only thing is that the buttons on the bottom row are used for pages, so I'll see if I can mod that, make it faster than making it from scratch.

    EDIT: Yeah, I'm going to mod insanity no mas. But I have to leave for a meeting right now, so if someone wants to do it before I get back in an hour or so, Mad props!

  • So just wanted to let you know where I'm at. Almost got it good, just that there is some weird logic and I've forgotten almost everything over two years. Lots of reading the help files.

    So if you don't mind I can get it to you tomorrow or really soon. See you soon!

  • just keep me posted, bro! i really appreciate it!

  • Yeah sorry. Was going to give it some time today and I'll post what little I have tonight or tommorow.

    I was going good on it, but then a guy offered me a roofing job and so I've been at that for 8 hours each day..... tired-ness ensued..

    So if anyone wants to take a crack at it, they can, but I'll try my best for today, when I finally have free time.

  • Hi,

    I can help, if some are too busy.
    I think I can do this patch in the coming days.

    @brothertony :
    However, regarding the faders. There are several options:
    - Only 7 possible positions between 0 and 127
    - Continuous fader. Let me explain: the fader consists of 7 buttons numbered 0 to 6 from bottom. One of your fader is at the 0 position and you press hold down the button 6, CC gradually increases from 0 up to 127 (depending on time you could define in the GUI patch MaxMSP). In this case, two possibilities, the final value is always on the button on which you press (value=127 if you press button 6, even if you stop before the end of the ramp) or the CC gradually increases until you stopped press hild down (value=90 for example if you press hold down the button 6 but you stop before the end of the ramp)

    Let me know if I can help ± what do you need about faders ?


  • @alexaugier

    thanks for the info! continuous, please!

  • Hi,

    @brothertony : do you use Max or only Max runtime ?


  • Hi,

    Your patch is here :

    I added :
    - a pop-up menu to store faders and toggles preset (I created an example : in the pop-up menu, select [read], go to the folder [controllers_preset] and load [controllers_preset_example])
    - a pop-up menu to store the numbers of controllers you have chosen (I created an example : in the pop-up menu, select [read], go to the folder [midi_preset] and load [midi_preset_example] THEN CLICK the button to the left menu to refresh it.

    You can change the numbers of controllers below sliders and toggles objects (and if you want to store it for the next load, selects [write] and store the file in the folder [midi_preset]).

    Let me know it is OK


  • @alexaugier

    OH MAN! this is perfect. thank you so much! one small request if possible:

    being that the faders are continuous, is it possible to have the buttons light up to show what value they are at? if not, no worries. just a visual thing for me.

    thanks again. love this community.

  • also, the toggles are working a little weird. they need a double tap to work.

  • @brothertony

    "buttons light up to show what value they are"
    Obviously. This is the case with me...
    "toggles are working a little weird"
    Not for me...

    In fact, I forgot something in the folder for the proper functioning of the patch.
    This is corrected.

    Load the new folder here :

    Let me know if all work fine, about your project... and how do you to integrate an image next to your name.


  • yes, 2nd page with 64 toggle buttons. thanks!