I dont get it .... [mlr performance video]

  • Watching this http://vimeo.com/groups/monome/videos/63773859 it looks like a reguar mlr performance till 0:44.
    But when the 2nd vocal sample starts (on the second row from top (/bottom from the artist's view of point)) you hear a different sample/part of the (16-beat-long) sample each cycle-of-8.

    Thats not normal mlr behavior, is it?

  • when you have more chops than buttons (16chops/8buttons) the row circles twice in mlrV..
    you can only control the first 8 buttons... if you press a button while it's in the second round you'll get back to the first....

    : )

  • @karaokaze:
    You're absolutely right - how could i miss this?

    mlrv ? haven't used it in a long time but i never realized it does this to 16-beat-loops.
    Cool stuff.