SevenUp Live working with a monome emulator on launchpad

  • Hi people

    hope you're good.

    I know this is a very common set up, but i can't find an answer to my very (stupid) newby question :S

    I've achieved to make my launchpad directly with mlrv without any problem, but now, i'm trying to use SevenUp Live in ableton (latest versions of both SevenUp & Ableton), but i don't know how to make app works with a monome emulator.

    i've installed the new app by @Sigabort which has recognized my launchpad without any problem, but SevenUp can't connect.
    Is there a way to connect them together ?

    also, i should put these 2 apps in the same channel right ?

    sorry for this question, but even tho i had a deep look on the forum/web, i can't find a simple answer on how the whole process is.

    thanks in advance for your help