SevenUp Installation Help [fixed!!]

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    Never found a way to do it exactly right but I managed to find a way to use it regardless by installing it as a pack in a new folder and then keeping that folder in my ableton browser window. Not the best but it works.

    Hey guys,

    Forgive me if this is dumb, I'm a new user. I am having trouble installing SevenUp properly. It says in the instructions that after opening the included ableton file, you need to press "manage files..." and then hit "manage project" and then finally hit "export" at the end to install the m4l presets. Here's the thing: I don't see an export button. What am I missing? Is this a change that occurred in 9 and if so, how do I get around it?

    Attaching a screenshot so you can see what I'm looking at.

  • mh so I guess I have to do the same

  • That's the only way I've found! It works fine though.

  • have the same problem... is there any real solution? where the hell is the export button?