NEW M4L APP: liiive

  • Hi,

    I would share my app to control Ableton Live.
    It is not original, there are several monome applications to control Live, but I would like to share that I made ​​for my personal performances because I think there are new stuffs very interesting and practical:

    [liiive] was designed to take full advantage of 2011 variable brightness 256 and arc4 with "push button". (Unfortunanely, This app doesn't work with monome 64, 128 and 256 without variable brightness and it seems very difficult to adapt to these devices because size 256 and variable brightness are essentiel)

    [liiive] is divided into two horizontal sections (16x8). Each section contains 8 pages (total of 16 pages). 10 pages are made to control modules. A module is a M4L patch that makes a specific function (ex : «keeeys» to play with a keyboard, «ml(ive)r» to play in mlr style in Ableton Live itself...) and is controlled from a module page of liiive (grid or devices section). modules are built progressively.

    You can download "liiive" here:

    Folder .zip contains M4L file [liiive_v1.0.0.axmd], the user manual [liiive_doc.pdf] and the first audio and midi module folders [live_module_keeeys], [live_module_transport] and [live_module_ml(ive)r].
    Check the PDF in the download .zip for more info.

    Video here:

    let me know what you think about it ?


  • Hi,

    @karaokaze: Thank you very much
    It's an electronic audio and video project. Music consists only of sinusoidal sound and digital noise. Video is a graphical representation of the music generated and projected in real time (Jitter).

    I'll add a video today about [liiive]


  • Wow, great music and great video !

  • hi,

    @chapelier_fou : thank you very much

  • impressive performance!!!

  • Hi,

    I added video at the start of the discussion


  • Cool app, nice vid, sick tune!

  • i now finally have a reason to sell my nonvari 256... it pains me :(

  • @GetTheLEDOut is there any way to get vari on a nonvari?
    This app is sick! but I can't use it by now...

  • Hi,

    I realize that few people are interested in my application because monome 256 with variable brightness is not very popular......
    I don't have a lot of time currently but I will try to adapt my app for monome 256 no-brightness variable.


  • That would be great! Cheers!

  • Alex,

    Your programs are amazing!! I think varibright is popular but there is no way to upgrade if you have a previous version. I am going to buy a varibright 256 just to use your program!

  • firstly, it's beautiful. really makes the varibright 256 shine. i am a bit confused, however, about how to port other patches into the module pages (flin being an example.) also, though i found keeeys very self explanatory, i cant make heads nor tails of transport, and cant seem to find the documentation for it. can you point me in the right direction?


  • Hi,

    Thank you for your back. You are the first user, I think.

    It's difficult to explain quickly how the modules are integrated. Schematically, it's a set of send and receive objects, a set of gate and switch object, and a precise syntax for sections, pages...
    I do not remember precisely the syntax but all are in abstractions :

    Unfortunately, I don't have much time right now but as soon as possible, I will integrate Flin in Liiive (my idea is to use both surface of the grid and devices sections at the same time for app as flin. The access to this view will be realized by selecting pages 8 of section grid and pages 8 of section devices in the same time...).

    Module "Transpooort" is very rudimentary. there are only two buttons: the left toggles between play and stop. The right one is a tap tempo. There is full transport function with the Arc4 (with push button) available on page 2 of the grid section.

    Sorry but here is no documentation for the modules. For module ml(ive)r, you can check the .pdf documentation of original ml(ive)r, here :

    Best regards


  • thanks for the reply.

    i'm new at this (see varibright as evidence) so anything past plug and play makes my eyes cross, but this app will make me dive into the innards and put my toes in max/msp.

    but again, it's f'in gorgeous...


  • Yea, I'd be in if non varibrightness was on the table!
    Looks like an incredible live controller!

  • Hi Alex,
    Thanks for your share and congrats for your work and your music.
    I'm a new comer in the monome forum and by the way the monome world.

    So, I was looking for a monome application able to launch and trigger clips and scenes under Ableton Live 9. Just simple as it. After one day of several tests with others apps ("7up", "Mlr", "Pages" which is "really" a pain in the ass to install for a newbie or just "hermetic" to make it work), I've discovered your application liiive and started to make it work with my Monome 128 (walnut 2008). By surprise, your application works with mine (triggering clip and scene), but i can't get any light on my buttons even if these buttons refers to existing clips in Live.

    Do you think there's a way for you to programm the light also on Monome 128 ?
    Cheers from France ;-)

  • Hello,
    Like the last poster, I am looking for a simple clip launcher. I love this patch, but I have one of the original Monomes and it triggers clips but does not light up which ones are selected. I know you said this won't work with 64s but I'd like to tweak it to get it working. Any ideas on how to go about this easily?