My First Performance With The Monome

  • As the title says.... It was much fun! People were dancing and I had much fun, too :D
    But listening to it afterwards shows me that there's still A LOT to do to improve my skills, means that I'm definitly not happy with the set anymore... as usual.. :D i was booked quite rapid for a show, so i just had a few days to start from scratch...
    The set mainly consists of my own stuff, so I was not working with professional mastered tracks...........
    WHATEVER! Hope you guys enjoy this 30minutes of sounds and I hope you see the world I tried to create : )
    Thanks for your attention and have a great time!

  • Nice, some really good stuff in there.

  • cool mix. congrats on a great show!

  • yeah sounds great!

  • Thanks guys!
    i really appreciate your feedback! =)

  • Well done, mate!!