Maybe an update to the Windows install instructions would be good ?

  • hi all,

    i've been using the monomes on the mac all these years and never even tried to install it on windows ... but i just did and installed the 128 and lost a lot of time figuring out why it wasn't working although i followed the instructions here: to the T. Surely enough when i ran into trouble i clicked the troubleshooting link .. and end up downloading a Mac terminal command on the linked page ... very helpful ... I also sold the 64 recently and the guy who just received it runs into exactly the same problems, also on Windows.

    So after having both spent a couple of hours already on this (sifting through random threads in the forum, disabling firewalls, changing usb cables, trying ports, hubs, reinstalling etc) i run into some random thread where someone says you need Bonjour for Windows ( ) ... installed the Bonjour Print Services (hadn't thought of that since it wasn't mentioned anywhere on the setup instructions .. and not an obvious move for windows users).. restarted .. and now the monome test finally shows my device.

    would it be so timeconsuming to update this and update it from time to time with the info about versions and compatibility ? we also were wondering about 32bit, 64bit .. Max versions 5,5.1,6,6.1 .. what about zeroconf ? when you run into trouble as a novice or on a platform you're not too familiar with it's really hard to know where to look by yourself. I couldn't really determine quickly reading through the forums if i need to install Serial OSC separately and if i needed zeroconf or not.

    i'm not sure how the new monomes are shipped today, mine came with no instructions ... and i do appreciate the minimalist thing, but what would be nice is to be able to download a setup package that would be kept up to date so that someone new to this all can be up and running without the trouble we both just went through ?

    i personally don't care so much since i'm using it on the mac (and now know how to do it on PC), but for new PC users it would sure be cool to have this updated.

  • it seems this step was mistakenly removed from the setup guide some months ago. i added it back. apologies for the trouble-- i hope this is easier going forward.