Maxforlive: Random Access Tempo

  • -disclaimer: not a monome specific patch--

    Hiya, this patch rose out of my frustration that Ableton Live always starts at 120bpm. I found myself quite often forgetting to change the default tempo before starting my writing process and I wanted to come up with something that avoided that.

    Therefore, I give you Random Access Tempo. A tiny little patch that on load, provides a random tempo to Ableton Live (with a button and range slider for manual random tempos too). This may even already exist but I didn't find it on the interwebz.

    Anyway, place this sucker in a default set and say bye bye to static BPMs at go time.

    P.S. More may need to go into this like a lock button or something so if you don't want a random tempo on subsequent live set loads you can retain your defined tempo.

  • A subtle, and fantastic idea. Thanks for this.

  • I like this !

  • Oh - for me the patch needs a connection from the 'live.thisdevice' to the 'path live_set' message to work...

  • @declutter: hmm, I'll look into that now!

    Any other suggestions?

  • File updated in first post. Fix mentioned above + changed button and slider to live api objects so they are automatable/mappable.

  • Actually, fixed a bug or two. Last one was a pretty, shitty ditty. New file up top.

  • I might be nuts, but it appears mono sequencer is linked to download on this page instead of random access tempo.

  • @Chris -- You are not nuts, it was me that was nuts. Thanks for noticing that. Fixed.

    I also noticed midiin---midiout was missing, which caused midi instruments not work if you dropped them on a track with the patch. Fixed that too.