hows the NYC monome scene?

  • good chance i'll end up there - not POSITIVE yet - fiance's looking at a few employers, I can do my work from wherever, so it's all good :P

    so yeah, how's NYC? it's close enough to the catskills so i can't imagine it's too bad :)

  • So I'm in Brooklyn now, downtown/dumbo to be more exact. My fiance got a job (her dream job really) with AM Only, and i'm SUPER proud of her! Pardon the bragging, but I just love that she's so dedicated to making her dreams a reality :)

    Aaannyway - I was wondering, are there any sort of 'producer collectives' in brooklyn that anyone here would recommend? I'm right by all the trains, so doesn't matter where in bk it is - I'd just love to find some like-minded peeps down for experimentation (preferably with monomes). a max/msp collective would be cool as well - though not necessarily the same thing.

    If nothing like this exists, then whos down to get together and start something? either get back here or shoot me a pm. Looking forward to hearing about anything unique in this hood :)

  • hey misk i am just a dabbler but my gf lives in crown heights (round franklin and bergen) and i live in manhattan... i would love if we organized a meet up as I think it would push me to explore and understand this amazing device more... right now I just mess around with the apps the community puts out but mostly for my own amusement.

    let me know!

  • Hey guys - I'm out in LA until June, but I'll be back in NYC by September 2014.

  • @gettheLEDout awesome man! shoot me a PM if you haven't already and we'll get shit rollin. I'm no max expert, but i'd be down to show you some monome basics :)

    @botstein holy fuck that's a year from now. well when you're back in town, we'll definitely have something going!

  • @misk - yeah, this is a long trip for me. however, I do enjoy making music more when it's 85 degrees and gorgeous every day.

  • so did I, hence, san diego for the last 10 years ;)

  • Go check out the Ableton Live advanced users meetup at Tekserve in Manhattan! I attended last year's meetup when I was visiting the city and it was pretty cool. I met a member of the forums there, I think it was @talos?

  • LOL. nice! @Anangel i'll deffo be checkin that out soon :)

    I just found out it's gonna cost me a few hundred just to ship my monitors and sub over here... killin' me :(

    till then i've got these DT880 pros (250 ohm variety) - they definitely do the trick, but don't make for a very collaborative environment at my place :-/

    that shit's crazy about @Talos - if you're out there bud, lets link up!

    also, any max users groups out here? i've got this weird itch to start some sort of audio visual tech-based collective out here...

  • @misk we should talk. I live in downtown brooklyn/dumbo area as well.

    - Tekserve ableton events are a good call (there is one next Thurs, 10/17)
    - Control is a killer shop if you're into modular and other left-field hardware
    - the monthly Warper parties are decent electronic-oriented "open mic" style events if you're looking to get your feet wet playing out

  • +1 for Tekserve and Control

  • i think there's a supercollider group, which may be a good entry into weird-sound-making-people.

  • @misk -- I know this thread is a bit old, but there is a Warper party tomorrow in the LES which is one of the communities I mentioned in my earlier post. Swing on by and chat with some fellow noise makers.

  • Alright, so that winter SLAYED this poor california native - but it's getting warmer, and yes, a meetup - even a collective, needs to be a reality. lets get this going! Those that want to, we could share max tips, maybe some abstractions - those that dont develop, who cares, lets all get together and have a flin jam :) send me pm's and i'll get this going.