mlr that Daedelus uses, available for public consumption?

  • was wondering if i can find his version of mlr anywhere? seen in this video‚Ķ
    good close-up at 19:10.

    badass video btw

  • nah, its not 2.51++. doesn't look like it.

  • mhh, everybody claims that he uses 2.51++.. if anybody had asked me i'd say that too, but watching the video closely you're actually right! there are a few differences, so it doesn't look like it, so it seems to be another version...
    you made me curious : )
    please, keep me up-to-date :D

  • its mlr 2.56 (or a custom version of it?). i don't know why it hasn't been posted on the forums, but a kind sir just hooked me up so here it is...

  • elquinto, thank you.

  • a few times in that video it seems he's got reverb fx on the 64. there is no reverb in 2.56 so he could be using a custom version. idk

  • great! thanks for letting us know!
    who was the kind sir? : )
    anyway... thanks to him as well : )

    but i'm still wondering about the red screen which pops up a few times in the video.. for me it seems that this is a kind of setlist or something? what do you guys think?

  • thats the sample select drop down. its actually orange. (side effect of the camera used, the monome LEDs aren't pink either)

  • maybe the reverb is just a soft delay??

  • There was an old thread somewhere on the site where Alfred replied directly to this very same question? Buggered if I know where that thread is though

  • yeah, most likely is just a soft delay.

  • @fluxta
    yeah, an old thread..! ^^ there are even a few in which is mentioned that he uses 2.51++ and yes, even by himslef.. but it seems that he has updated his mlr-version "recently" (i mean he won't shout it from the rooftops each time he changes to another mlr-version ;)

  • i must say i'm guilty of helping alfred add a few things to that version of mlr. let me assure you it's nothing more than a simple delay (which peter added) which i'm confident there's a version of floating around the forums somewhere.

    apart from that it's just some simple hot keys that duplicates functionality of the 64.

    basically, it's so similar to 2.51 that i wouldn't stress about not having 'THE ONE!'