Maxforlive: Parameter Control (Arc 2)

  • This patch allows you to map two parameters within Live to the encoders on an Arc 2.

    #1 With Arc plugged in, click 'Connect' within the patch.
    #2 Click the 'Map' button within the patch.
    #3 Click on the parameter in Live you want to map.
    #4 You're done. Move the Arc to change the value.

    I still have some work to do on this, but I thought I would throw it out here so y'all can get your hands on it.

  • TODO:

    Flip led behavior vertically to mimick parameter knob. 0% @ 6 o'clock, 100% @ 5:59.
    Gesture recording. (free and synced to live's transport)
    Arc 4 version

  • This is really useful. Has anyone worked out how to use the arc to control parameters on whichever device is 'remote controlled' - i.e. has the 'blue hand' in ableton?

  • Yeah I can see how that would expand the usefulness. Ill have to look more into "Remote Control" and see if its exposed somehow within the api. Will probably have to also explore registering the arc as a Control Surface within Live.

    Also if I can get the orientation of the leds to flip vertically I'd set up app entry for it on the docs page, but I haven't been able to get my head around that yet.

  • I think this is all MIDI Remote Script stuff isn't it?

    For instance, with my MIDI Keyboard, I have it loaded as a Control Surface in Ableton's preferences. That way when the "blue hand" has a rack or device focused, there are mappings to controls like rack marcos or instrument parameters.

  • working on something now :), will have it posted up soon hopefully. have a look through the live object model and look out for "appointed_device". also have a search for "selected_parameter".

    my "M4LC Hub" device in the other thread already observers the appointed_device (blue hand) and the selected parameter. try initialising the device, turn on "Print" so output is send to the max window, then selecting different devices and parameters. you should see the id, name and parameters of the appointed_device appearing in the print window.

  • here's a quick and dirty example of using the appointed device (a.k.a blue hand). it maps the parameters of whatever the appointed device is to faders on a monome grid. it's pretty messy and could of course do with a lot more useful features. it would be pretty easy to convert it to using an arc as well. i'll add more soon.

    it works with "M4LC Monome Grid.amxd" for the moment. change the App ID/Prefix for one of the Apps in the "Monome Grid" user interface to "parameterfaders". then hit the "On" button next to it.

    let me know if it works for you.