porting polygome m4l from beap.. need help

  • i just gave it a try. followed stretta's guide here:

    (followed to the t) and it turned out to be super buggy (notes constantly getting lost, sequences not being recorded/played back properly, ect). has anyone managed to port this successfully?

    attached my amxd if anyone wants to take a look.

  • I have. here's my version:

    As far as I can tell though, this doesn't behave 100% like the polygome most of us are used to. I could never really get predictable results from recording notes and playing them back. Reported to stretta.

  • i got it from stretta's github as per instructions in that video. (Basic Polygome.maxpat) its way more buggy than the one you just posted for some reason. yours is still kind of buggy too though.

  • I tryed to create a double polygome .amxd file... The problem comes when i start record mode... I am not able to stop the note feedback..i dont know what to press to stop the note record out

  • i fixed it but i am not sure that it work 100%

  • FYI, Stretta has committed an update to BEAP/github which fixed some polygome issues

  • i'll check it out

  • I tried the new polygome beap inside m4l ...uploaded yesterday on the stretta github and it work very well...
    the only thing that i am not sure...is if the record mode work in that way or not @emergencyofstate

  • Note recording in this new polygome works a little differently that it used to. Now the mode button (I believe its row 1, button 2) cycles through the different modes.

    1st Press = play mode.
    2nd Press = recording mode (watch the UI. It will count your pressed notes on the grid based on what your "Pattern Length" is set to.)
    3rd Press = velocity mode
    4th Press = duration mode

  • Yes i see it...but when i come back from record mode...to play mode...i am not sure that it is what i am played on record mode..have u tried?

  • Yes, I just confirmed to be sure.

    For example, if I hit record and my pattern length is set to 5, I then chose a single button and press it 5 times...when I play this back, I get 5 identical notes. I can transpose this pattern anywhere on the grid.

  • Ok thanks & nice test idea :)

  • I find record mode to be a little inconsistent. Sometimes the a pattern will play back the way it was recorded and other time's it will stray by a few notes.

  • So I did this with the current BEAP version and can't get it to work properly. The device seems to send out unusually low midi notes. like something doesn't initialize properly.

    Apart from that the Polygome module now has dimensions that are not compatible with Lives device hight. What's up with that?

    The standalone example patch works. I don't get it. I've attached the file. Has anyone managed to get the latest version working with M4L?

  • I found a thread about this in the issue list on github. In the meantime I fixed the height and things seem to be working. In case anyone's interested here it is.