Looking to upgrade. Have 128/arc2. Want 256/4

  • Hello. I'm looking to upgrade up to a 256 from a 128. (Recent walnut bus powered run)
    Also want to go to an Arc4 from an Arc 2. (recent non-push version)

    Anybody looking to step down I'd be happy to trade+monies. Also wiling to buy 256 outright.

  • Bump. Anybody looking to downgrade from 4 encoders to 2?

  • yes possibly thinking about a step-down - I have an ARC4 2011 edition with push button encoders. interested?
    I'm in Australia - you?

  • Doh! thanks so much for the reply. I should have mentioned that I am looking for a more recent non-push button edition. Thanks again tho.

  • trade bump. looking for a grid 256/ and an arc4. Have an 128/arc 2 to trade.

  • Are you willing to sell? I've been looking for a 128 recent edition like forever!

  • @oddHarmonix : Hmm, i suppose i would. Only if I can time it right w/ the purchase of a 256 though! I wouldn't want to be gridless :)