Can someone please help me uninstall serialosc?

  • I just "upgraded" to 1.3 and now nothing works. I'm so sick of all this.
    If i can uninstall 1.3 and reinstall 1.2, things might work again (i hope!).


  • Edit: nevermind, just saw @karaokaze 's reply after I posted mine.

    If you're on OS X, I can tell you what basically what is installed, however, I haven't tried to uninstall it myself so beware:



    Inside /usr/local/lib there are also symlinks that point to those files. Have you tried just running the 1.2 installer?

  • Thanks! I'll try to just re install 1.2 first and see what happens.

  • It seems to have worked, i reinstalled 1.2a and monome home now detects my arc, thanks!

  • no prob, glad it worked out.