aleph - what's missing??

  • i noticed in the photos posted in the new device thread that there's no electrical cables and/or audio output cables attached anywhere... excited about the idea of battery powered + built in speaker!!!

  • @jay - compare instagram pics with original pic of aleph pcb. looks like two audio output jacks on rear of device (top of pcb) - as seen in both sets of pics...but potentially four jacks on front of device (bottom of pcb, but not visible in instagram pics) which could be audio fact the four thin knobs look like they're aligned with the potential input jacks...this is why i'm thinking that aleph can both generate it's own sounds and process incoming audio...that coupled with what look like patch ports on the top and presumably programmability lead to mind-boggling possibilities for what it can do...but i might be hopelessly wide of the mark - we'll all know soon enough now... :)

  • oh and the audio crunching's being handled by a dsp!

  • "Plus, i'm wondering, lots of us use audio samples(and i like to use 48k samples... 2 hour set = 500MB - 1GB), how much memory is in that device? and how will memory be used there?"

    I'm fairly certain I saw an SD card slot on the prototype and I've got a 64 gigabyte one sitting right next to me :)

    (if anything, i actually LOVE my laptop!)

    ME TOO! I see the Aleph as yet another tool with potential. Perhaps it will allow me to get some of the initial 'creating' off of the computer.

  • yeah, i also don't think the unit will have a built in speaker... still, i stick by my original post where i'm "excited about the idea" of those things! personally, i love the op-1 as an all in one portable unit and its battery and speaker are a large part of its appeal...