New M4L drum sequencer deluxe - Kolorit workstation (updated, serial osc, 128 and 256 pls test)

  • Hi everyone


    I made the drum sequencer i was always dreaming of:

    It has:

    A interactive help (for everyone who doesnt want to read further) It will follow the presses on the monome and explain what is
    on each window behind the buttons.

    32 steps
    16 patterns (drumsounds)
    64 parts (presets)

    You can adjust per step: (all of this directly on the monome)

    * The sound it plays on each step (each of the 16 drum pads has 8 sounds in it, you can choose them on the monome)
    You can also choose more then one and it will randomly trigger them

    * Velocity (you can set also a range in which it will randomize the velocity)

    * probability of the sound to be played

    You can adjust per pattern (drumsound:

    The three things above (it will then be set for all steps on this pattern

    * the speed (8n, 16n, 32n, 16nt and 8nt) You can have different speeds in the same sequence

    * the length (also here, different length for the pattern of each drumsound are possible)

    * downbeatsync (each uneven pattern can be either free or automaticly synced after a certain time)

    * mute, each line can be muted, if you change the part the pattern will go to the saved mute state of the part

    Other functions:

    * There are many ways to copy, from pattern to pattern, part to part, single pattern from one to another part.

    * There is a delete function

    * There are 4 envelopes for each of the 64 parts, those enevelopes can control one of 32 effect-parameters you can set on the app itself. (this enevelopes can be fully set and controlled from the monome)

    * There is a clever pattern mixer, you can have for example 8 complete drumrythms, and mix them now very simply.
    (play bassdrum from part one snare from part two and so on) Its really fun to remix on the fly while it is playing!

    * There is a pattern Sequencer, where you can create sequences out of all the pattern you have (up to 1024)
    Those sequences can be played in a very simple way

    * There is a midi mlr, with some special functions (you can decide which of the 16 drumsounds should be affected by your presses.
    E.g. you could deselect the bassdrum - it will now keep on playing - while you stutter around with the rest.
    (its fun to make loop here and select and deselct sounds in this loop)
    You can mute sounds directly in the mlr
    You can see each of the 16 patterns on the grid - to navigate better to the steps where they actually play)
    you can record the performance you do with the mlr, directly into parts ( in up to 8 parts can be automatically recorded for a up to 16 bar long performance) Those parts are then fully editable.

    * You have a very easy way to trigger audio effects like stutter edit, record a performance with them and bind this recording to a part, so it will always play when you start this part.

    * You can save everything into one textfile (was not easy i had to merge 20 colls into one when saving and separate them again when loading)

    * there is adjustable 8 and 16 swing

    * usable for a 64, 128 and 256. (bigger monomes have on each of the additional 8x8 grids the option to open either
    the pattern mixer, the mlr, the pattern sequencer or the fx-envelope)

    I have created lots of videos:

    If you want to have a nice impression first watch mlr and pattern mixer



    Pattern Mixer:

    Pattern Sequencer:

    Quick Fx:

    FX Editor how it works with states and the Quick FX page on the monome:

    Fx Envelope:

    FX Editor how it works with the Envelopes on the monome:


    The Kolorit midi send is actually not sending but receiving the midi data from the quick fx page, just put it in a empty midi track and point the output of the miditrack to a plugin like stutter edit. (a plugin which is controllable via midi notes)

  • damn bro..!
    was just watching these videos..
    really ingenious way of step sequencing!
    really cool stuff, and super deep....

    great job!

  • Really inspiring. Thanks !

  • Thanks guys!

    Is it working for you?
    There is usually this folder MacOs in the downloads I can get here.
    What is this good for?
    Can mac users open and use the amxd of my upload or do I need to do something with it before?


    Even though I am german I have a basic
    sense of humor :)
    Being compared with Christoph Waltz
    is a sweet racism.

  • actually, haven't tried it...
    only had my 256 handy...
    need to break out my 40h

  • ok if you have a 256 i will send you a beta of it working on a 256, if you want to test, i cant cause i dont have one :(

  • Werd! I'll give it a look see!
    Quick draw mc raw at the old gmail dot commmmm
    Holler hoss!

  • Wow, great app! Maybe stupid question but does this work with a 128 or we have to wait for implementations? Thanks

  • it works, just only on the 8x8 grid, but atm its still monomeserial...
    If you still on this or you use pages, it will work for you.

  • update will come tommorrow though

  • The new file can be downloaded in the first post:

    Each 8X8 grid on a monome can have one of the four modules:

    1. mlr
    3. pattern mixer
    2. pattern sequencer
    4. envelope

    You choose what module by clicking on one of the four lit buttons

    The upper left 8x8 grid will allways hold the whole app but also can open the modules.

    Please someone test if all of this works, i dont have a bigger monome!

    Thank you guys!

    btw: the helper doesnt recognice the other 8x8 grids, so if you want to read there how a module works, open it on the upper left 8x8 grid.

    181 x 182 - 24K
  • nice! will test tonight!!

  • wow, this looks like every single midi sequencer feature request ive ever seen on these forums, all mashed together and functional. cant wait to try!

  • yeah, would be so great if someone could just open it and play around for 20 minutes to see if it works on the monome, i just know how it runs on my computer and on the monome emulation...

  • Seems to work well on my 256.
    Just had a quick try, though.

  • Heyo! Had a go with it yesterday! Super rad! Everything works well... Sometimes you need to press trigger buttons twice to see proper editing LEDs... Other than that, my only roadblock was how complex things are... The pattern mixer is amazing! Mlr works great! And the ability to have 8 sounds in one trigger is dope! I just need to learn my way around a bit more.... Thanks for the awesomeness yo!!!

  • Cool thanks guys for testing.

    I will do one more update soon, with some changes and little bugfixes and then will concentrate on the chord-app

  • Hi ! Did not manage to get it work neither with monomeserial version or the serial osc. With the serialosc version I get the 4 buttons lit up but no button responses.

    Osx 10.6.8 live 8

  • well it only works with max 6, and live 8 only supports max 5 right?

    you could try to download the max 6 demo and see if it works though.

  • Ok. I'll try this.

  • hey novasnoa... lovely drum sequencer, look forward to playing with it... and thanks for the Gridlock promo videos :)

  • my plesure :) Thanks for the great emulation!

  • i'll be starting the beta for the dual-surface controller this week (i.e. 2 launchpads, launchpad + ipad etc) - if you're interested then let me know and I'll add you to the list. cheers

  • This app is great !!! Lots of features. Seems stable. Some glitch in led display.
    I love it.
    thank you for sharing

  • I am trying to play your app..serialosc version running on launchpad gridlock emulation...everything works..but if i press how use 128/256 on your helper page ..i cant see anything... And i have some problem to understand how to play it ...i saw all your videos but i think that some colours on the launchpad buttons can help better to play with it... I think that i have to pass more time to play with it..for now too problems to understand how to use the sequencer page :(

  • Hey logritm,

    if you use it on the launchpad, the 128/256 mode is less importand for you, as you anyway only can reach the other 8x8 grids from the emulation.

    try this:

    after start the app, press two times the lowest button on the right (the button in the right-bottom corner) then you should be in the start page.
    Now the helper should display the right page aswell.

    You can try to select a drumpad (lower left quarter of the launchpad) and set steps (upper half of the launchpad)

    If this works, you should make your way with the videos and the helper...

    Tell me if you have still problems.

  • hi,
    How can I get this working on my 128? Can't seem to connect to it (only LH-VM-1291/kolorit as option). Can draw notes by mouse in the m4l patch tho.

    Just getting into monome so I might forget something obvious. (monome_sum & monome_midi_128.maxpat work)

  • great job! it works, and it's awesome :)

    I am having sync problems though, start/stop controls are crazy. if I pause and press play again the pattern never starts from the beginning

    is there a simple way to fix this?