two 40hs = one 128 : true or false?

  • hi,

    just got my first monome, a groovy little 40h. straight away i'm thinking about 16 steps (hands on, no switching). from a few comments in docs and in the posts here I gather two 40hs can be used simultaneously.

    what i'd like to know is - would this set-up be functionally identical to a 128? and how is it achieved?


  • this is achieved through offsets in monomeserial.

    it has definitely been covered here before, though i can't seem to find specific links.

  • Here's some:

    It's not "identical" to a 128, because the buttons are bigger, there's a bit of a gap between the two keypads when laid side-by-side, and the serial protocol is a tiny bit different. But for most practical purposes, yes it will work to spread apps written for the 128 across two 40h[/kit] devices. (Or even a 40h and a 64, although then the rows won't line up and it might get a little confusing.)

  • @bean
    Yes, it's not a 128. there are 128 buttons, but the whole thing is not exactly the same (why the term "80h" has appeared on the board). it's very possible, and definitely functional. probably handles differently than a 128, but my just finished 80h works fine. there isn't really that large of a gap between the two boards; only a couple centimeters.

  • videos of 2x40h

  • Sure it works, look at mine.

  • thanks folks - that's pretty much a 99% true then (with 1% deducted for big buttons and a slight gap).

    now - who wants to sell me a 40h?

  • tatan:

    What app are you running? I have reason rewired into protools. I'd love to do the same thing setting up (getting another 40h) a 16 step sequencer connection to Reason.

    I've been digging haven't found an app that seems to do what i want yet, even for my 40h.

  • the app I use is a vst called Molar. Check here in the forum and you will have all the informations.
    Molar can send midi, but I never tryed yet.

  • @tantan - is that a xndr faceplate that you have for your 80h? How do you like it?

  • There's another slight difference - it's easier to put accelerometers etc. in an 80h.