Launchpad Add-On, inspired by the monome appz Tessel

  • Hello,
    I've done an add-on for Launchpad users, inspired by the monome appz tessel, thanks to sleepersecond . All is done with sensomusic Usine and works with the free version (

    It's a Midi sequencer with 7 sequences possible, each one with a midi channel, 3 different synchro, you can choose start and end for your sequence ( press start pad then end pad), inverse the sequences , add FX's ...

    Here a quick video demo:

    hope you'll enjoy it and thanks to the community/Monome creators for general inspiration.

  • Thanks a lot Karaokase, really appreciated.
    About the launchpad, no it's the old version, maybe the light conditions..?

  • Thanks, an other tips to know with the launchpad is that luminosity can depends of the appz used, here i made the patch so i choose the color and intensity ( for example, if you send a Midi note On message with a velocity of 14, you'll have a bright red, 22 a green and so..)