My remix of "Daedelus - Tiptoes"

  • For the joke, I heard of this contest two days before the handing date.
    I took around 10 hours to make that one, that was sport!

    Anyway here's the result of my last two days of marathon :D
    Hope you'll enjoy it.

  • daedelus remix contest??? you know i count on you guys to tell me about this stuff...

    remix sounds fantastic!! great work, especially in 10 hours.

  • That's a great job for ten hours! Nice remix!

  • thats a great reworking. especially in 10 hours! i made one too, its here

    good luck man

  • Thanks guys! I had to do some sacrifices on the structure and number of ideas to make it ready for the contest. Afterwards I got one more afternoon before the end of the contest and took 1h or so to master it.

    @phortran: A friend (also a composer/beatmaker) told me about that. I thought that I missed the information on the monome community. I didn't know the word hasn't been spread here, sorry :/.

  • oh i'm just messin around, sounds good man!

  • Anyway I just went on the contest page:

    And realize that I'm not eligible LOL:

    "2) ELIGIBILITY: The Contest is open only to persons who on the date of entry are legal residents of one (1) of the fifty (50) United States ..."

  • Damn !! I did not read all the rules either ... just like you I heard about the contest quite late and just had two nights to do it ... but it was fun though !

    ... by the way ... ton remix déchire, félicitations !!

  • Yeah I tend to skip the little characters... that's what they're for !.. They're not?

    @anzyM: je te laisse aussi apprécier le paragraphe 3 sur la propriété intellectuel, ce genre de chose ça n'est légal qu'aux US. Merci btw :)

  • Yep I read that paragraph, that's almost the same for every remix contest out there sadly ..
    .. and congrats for being on the final list despite all that ;)

  • It was appreciated, no matter if you counldn't win, I really did appreciate it.

  • .. and thanks for the opportunity to remix one of your songs! Always a good experience!

  • @Daedelus: Just saw your nice comment, thanks :).

    Anyway I didn't participate to win.
    If I wanted a Quneo, I would buy one or if I had an ego issue, I would just go to a psychologist :D
    It did mine for the sake of seeing what I can do and also meet other people.

    (Still I definitely think Edison's remix deserved to win against Crush Congregation's)

  • Damn bro!
    I honestly thought you were the winner hands down!

    Hear you on the motivations...
    It's been a long time since I made anything I was happy with...
    Tiptoes was a big inspiration to get some noise flowing...
    Thanks Alfred!
    And thanks suburb for showing your skills!!!