From DJ To Producer


    Daedelus posted that link on facebook with his caption, "Amazing where the sound comes from. I believe there are a few roads into production of which incredibly important is the scratch dj. Check out this article and include to their list Nosaj Thing, FREE THE ROBOTS, THE GASLAMP KILLER, Uzi Beats, and more."

    Great article, sweet words!

  • Also the article highlights the importance of the DMC championships as still an integral part of the DJ world.

  • there are too many to name

    i think plenty of monome users, myself included, started out scratching and chopping beats to cut over

  • "too many to name"


    but... i do have 2 all-time favorites which have remained so for me to this day...
    DJ Babu, because i think his slow-down/cut-time beat-juggling technique is mesmerizing:

    and i am probably biased being from the bay area, but DJ QBert is my favorite of all, because his scratches get into such an ornate improv:

    But i've seen the XMen play live(RocRaida, RobSwift, Mr. Sinista, etc.)... and was ridiculously impressed by them, too(changed their name to 'X-Ecutioners'...might as well throw the entire team of InvisibleScratchPickelz in there, too :p).

  • I still go digging every weekend, 10,000+ records and still collecting. I'm a krush fan, I like how he seems to have several styles. Q berts just ridiculous, super technical.

  • @raja babu (and all the beat junkies) + q (and the whole isp crew) were legendary

    so much style and creativity back then

    if you're from the bay mabye you heard of teeko / 4onefunk? if not check him out cause he's still active and pretty good beatmaker

    i dug up a few favourite juggling routines from battles... the best ones start @ about 0:50 into the clips


    mentioning the xmen reminded me of this classic (i think they had the dopest portion of the song)

    / fav solo of all time, by a looooooooong shot