Charlotte NC Monome Scene?

  • just wanted to know if there is a monome scene in charlotte nc. if so WHERE? id love to organize a monome meet!

  • Hi @soundofspace
    I just moved here, and a monomeet sound great to me!
    Anybody else in the area?
    Sorry but I can't help too much finding a place to do it...
    We can try to rename the thread to NC MONOMEET to get more people take the time to read us ;)

  • nobody around here?

  • hi raja, yep! just moved. i lost my job there and my wife allways wanted to comeback, she was living here for 5 years long time ago...
    trying to find a job now to get a work permit :/ as soon i get "legal" i'd love to move west at least to meet some of you ;)
    and looking for the scene around, or whatever excuse to hang out and talk about music with somebody
    i just found a meetup of electronic music composers in charlotte and i'll try to go there to see what i find