daedelus talks computer games

  • was best with vega or blanca
    (in most fighting games, my choice was determined by yours...i tried to adapt)

    og street fighter is a great choice but in the 2d fighting world nothing beats marvel vs capcom 2 for dreamcast imho

  • The best 2d fighter console in my book is the Sega Saturn with an Action Replay card to allow for imports. So many good titles on that one too. If I had to pick a favorite game for 2d fighters easy win is SNK Vs. Capcom 2

  • marvel vs capcom for dreamcast! that was fun.
    i recently tried an hd remake of street fighter on the ps3 online... think i lost every match.

  • I would have spoken of my adoration of Samurai Showdown for the NeoGeo, but I thought Street Fighter as benchmark all fighters are compared against was a better talking point, something Monome knows about muchly I'd say.

  • zomg

    i used to LOVE samurai showdown!
    my cousin had it for SegaCD but lived far away so i only played a few times

    snk vs capcom was a classic fighter as well

  • Capcom vs SNK was amazing, too bad Capcom vs. SNK 2 was broken :( that would have made a great continuing series